Social Media Campaign Review: Workout Season Uses #FitSanta to Leverage Christmas


A new brand generally needs greater efforts to come into the public eye. However, the holiday season can be an interesting time to leverage your brand through festival centric campaigning. #FitSanta – a campaign run by an upcoming website Workout Season, is working on the same lines.

They have created a concept in sync with their own product and the holiday season and have managed to reach out rather well on social media. Their major advocation is for a #FitSanta. Yes, they want Santa to get rid of the extra weight and they want people on Social Media to give inputs.


Christmas has always seen letters to Santa. But the one Workout Season released was a little different. It sought out to request Santa to be fit.

Announced on 20th December, the contest required people to send in their workout suggestions to help Santa achieve that fitness quotient. The contest then went live for two days – 23rd and 24th December with winners to be announced on Christmas eve. There are also promises that winners shall get gifts from Santa.
fitsanta workout season social media campaign

Teamed up with minimalist graphics, the entire campaign also runs as a visual series on the brand’s website, Facebook page and Twitter handle.

fitsanta workout season social media campaign fitsanta workout season social media campaign Workout Season fit santa social media campaign fitsanta workout season social media campaign

As far the engagement is concerned, the brand manages that rather well on both Facebook and Twitter with regular retweets and responses for workout suggestions.

fitsanta workout season social media campaign

On the website of Workout Season, in addition to the entire festive mood, there is a constant ticker on the bottom displaying tweets with the hashtag #FitSanta.
fitsanta workout season social media campaign


As a concept, the campaign works. For a brand that has set out to provide workout tips in the future, a festive promotional activity around the same idea is surely a sensible. The space that the campaign finds on Facebook on Twitter as well as integration on to their website gives it a greater sense of association with the brand.

Visuals help convey stronger messages and in this case, the entire campaign is also tied through graphics. Biggest achievement surely has to be receiving responses despite having a very small community on social media. It is reflective of the fact that even if it is a small audience, it is an engaged audience.

Scope for Improvement

Running a contest with an entirely non-existent community can be a challenging task. With respect to the community size of a little over 350 likes on Facebook and around 70 on Twitter, the response is extensive. But it is not exceptional. The campaign’s presence on the website could have been supported with the ability to tweet from there as well and the brand could have shared some of the suggested workouts at greater length.

Even in terms of announcement and the general length of the campaign, the brand could have spread it across a greater span of time. The span might have perhaps, even helped increase the community size.


With several brands working towards spreading some Christmas cheer, Workout Season surely has taken an interesting leap to position itself as a brand with #FitSanta.

It appears to be a well conceptualised campaign that works in conjuncture with both the product and the occasion. However, it continues to face the challenges that most new brands do – that of achieving a good number of community members on social media.