Social Media Case Study: How Snickers Used Interactive Technology to Create a Strong Impression of their New Range of Vegetarian Chocolates


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TouchMagix Media


Snickers’ objective behind this campaign was to introduce and create a strong impression of their vegetarian range of chocolates. They used interactive technology to enable consumers to co-create experiences with the brand, making it a two-way communication.

Snickers Campaign Set-up


The campaign used motion and gesture based technology to gamify their message of ‘Going Veg.’ The campaign required the audience to complete a puzzle challenge where they could pick up and place puzzle pieces with motion and gesture in order to complete the Snickers Challenge.

Touch Magix for Snickers

Touch Magix Interactive Wall Snickers

Once the puzzle was complete, the message read loud and clear: ‘Snickers is Going Veg’; a technology-enabled experience created by the audience. The campaign added further impact when each participant’s scores were posted on their Facebook page. Interactive technology can truly add a different level of integration through seamlessly connecting offline activity to online platforms.

More than ever, it is now crucial to meet consumers wherever they are, online or offline. The advances made in interactive technology can help create immersive experiences onto any space.

Through a projection set-up, a brand can transform any surface from a wall or floor into an interactive environment, bringing just about any campaign to life. An interactive experience elevated Snickers’ thought into an unforgettable brand experience.


The Snickers campaign was successful in catching the consumer’s attention and enabled the brand in capturing a larger brand space in their minds. The use of interactive technology through touch, motion, or gesture ensured a higher level of engagement, and therefore created a resounding impression on the minds of the consumers.