Social Media Case Study: How 6th Street Yogurt Created Awareness About their New Store Launch

6th street yogurt

Brand Name

6th Street Yogurt

Agency Name

Enterprise Social Media


  • To create an awareness about the new store launch
  • Generate footfall at the new store
  • To sample the product

Campaign Approach

  • To create a campaign named #WhatMakesColabaDifferent which would run across Facebook and Twitter.
  • To Create awareness among existing fans on Facebook using promotional updates.
  • Create awareness among existing followers on Twitter using promotional tweets.
  • To build a larger fan base on Facebook with the help of targeted Facebook ads.
  • To build a larger follower base on twitter with the help of relevant #tags and keyword tracking to interact with them.
  • To build a larger database by encouraging participation across Facebook and Twitter.
  • Give away online coupons to participants to generated larger footfall at the new store and encourage Product Sampling.



Facebook  application:

  • An interactive application was created where in fans were asked to answer a simple question i.e #WhatMakesColabaDifferent.
  • All the participants were asked to give their contact details and click on the download coupon button to claim their free yogurt.
  • Interactive posts were used throughout the week to attract the existing fans.
  • Facebook ads were created and optimized to attract new fans.

Interactive Facebook posts

 6th Street Yogurt Facebook

6th Street Yogurt facebook


  • Keyword tracking used to reach out to the target audience
  • Hashtags were used to attract new fans


  • 1800+ Unique users interacted with 6SY’s Facebook and Twitter profiles
  • 81 New followers on Twitter
  • 1.5 k new fans on Facebook
  • 43.6 k Reach on Twitter
  • 946.2 k Impressions on Facebook
  • 2.2k total Interactions
  • 122 Total Coupons downloaded
  • 288 Mentions on Twitter