Social Media Tool Review: adSpringr Helps You Lower Your Facebook Ad Spends


The rapid growth of social media users has made it a mandatory avenue for businesses to reach out to their core audiences. Today, social media commands a userbase that strongly challenges traditional mediums like TV and print.

And Facebook has been at the forefront of this, dare I say, revolution! Commanding a total of 1.2 billion monthly active users, it has become the hottest place for brands to market themselves.

The last quarter (Q3, 2013) saw advertisers from Asia pump in $278 million in Facebook advertising while worldwide, a total of $1.8 billion was invested. And this is only going to grow bigger.

However, as brands start adopting Facebook ads, they face a different kind of problem. While setting up an ad campaign might be easy, Facebook has not done much when it comes to monitoring and reporting. Both Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Power Editor lack at being user friendly.

adSpringr is one such nifty tool that aims to help advertisers on Facebook realize the full potential of the platform while keeping their spends to a bare minimum. My interest was piqued after I got to know that its bidding algorithm was written by a renowned professor from Wharton.

Launched just few days back, I managed to get access to the tool so that I can poke around and see if it really fits the bill.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time managing Facebook ads, stay with me through the length of this review. I am sure you’ll not regret it ;)


Let’s just accept the fact that Facebook Ads Manager is not the most user friendly platforms out there. I have worked extensively with Google Adwords and in comparison, Facebook Ads Manager fares very badly.

And this is one of the biggest strengths of adSrpingr. The interface is so clean and easy to navigate that you won’t be required to pull your hair out.

You can easily view all your campaigns (active, paused, completed, pending etc) and their performance with just a few clicks. And I found switching between campaigns equally easy.

All the stats and ad parameters are pretty handy.

The neat design is a great change from the overwhelming mess Power Editor is. There is hardly any clutter and the UI/UX designer has ensured that only relevant data is shown.

And since the tool focuses more on visualization of data, the performance analysis is a breeze. Where Facebook leaves you confused with poor representation and CSV files with confusing data, adSpringr helps you with graphs and charts that make it easier for you to derive insights as quickly as possible.

social media tool adSpringr  interface

As you can see from the graph above, the tool has made representation of data so much easier. This data is, otherwise, presented in columns by Facebook Ads Manager. But a touch of visualization makes it so much more effective.

Differentiating Functionalities

While ad creation and defining audiences is the same in adSpringr, it has some really cool features that make it a defacto choice when compared with Ads Manager and Power Editor.

Custom Campaign Rules

This is one feature that I totally love in adSpringr. I am sure you must have lost some money while runnings ads that were not converting enough or worse, you might have forgotten to pause the ad after it met its goal.

The tool has some nifty Optimization Rules that help you specify instances to keep your campaign on track and lower your ad spends.

social media tool adspringr SEO optimisation rules

Example: If you are running a campaign to build your community and want 70% of ad clicks to turn into ‘likes’ you just need to specify the CVR condition to ensure that your campaign is effective and doesn’t leak money in clicks that don’t turn into likes. In case the conversion goes below 70%, the campaign will be paused and you will be notified via Email.

The fact that these rules are highly customizable is what works in the tool’s favor.

Data Visualization

As I mentioned before, adSpringr emphasizes more on the visualization of data which quickens your analysis and saves a lot of time.

You can view hourly stats of your campaign and see how the ad spend of your campaign can be optimized to derive maximum effectiveness.

Social media tool adSpringr data specialisation Social media tool adSpringr data specialization

You can also view how your target audience is engaging with your ads. You can get an idea how different demographics are reacting to your message so that you can make necessary adjustments or tweaks.

Graphical Reporting to Clients

Reporting to clients has always been a pain for agency professionals. You want to show the client all the relevant stats but still he/she fails to look at it because Facebook’s reports are too confusing for anyone who’s not a hardcore social media person.

adSpringr solves this problem by generating graphical reports so that clients and senior managers can easily pore over them and gauge the performance of the campaign.

graphical reporting - adspringr

I am sure this will be a welcome relief to all the agency professionals who pull their hair out while trying to create ad reports.

User Access Management

If I am an agency managing ad campaigns of several brands, I wouldn’t want all my executives to view the stats of all the campaigns. I would want them to monitor and analyze only the campaigns that are being handled by them and not the ones by their teammates.

Social media tool adSpringr user management

This feature is nicely embedded into the tool and thus you can restrict the access of users to certain campaigns.

In addition to your executive, you can also let your clients access their campaigns directly.

Targeting Templates

I also found that adSpringr has a repository of targeting templates for different sectors.

social media tool adspringr targeting templates

Well, this makes it very easy for ad managers to simply populate their targeting parameters and then do the required editing instead of coming up with parameters every single time.

Scope of Improvement

Looking at how things are going mobile these days, I would love it if they come up with apps for iOS and Android. Although I am told it is in the cards.

Wrapping Up…

I like how adSpringr is clutter free and makes analysis very easy. If I were an agency or a brand handling my Facebook campaign in-house, I would lap it up right away. Especially, since the offer right now lets you pay only if you save money.

I am posing much faith on it and will expect it to become quite popular. Also, I am happy that this product was created in India with international standards.