Standard Chartered Launches an Extra-Large Digital Campaign #GoodDeedMarathon, Integrating all Social Platforms

Apeksha Harihar
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Standard Chartered #gooddeedmarathon

While I have come across and reviewed a number of social media campaigns, my journey is only getting better, witnessing some brands creating and executing some brilliant campaigns by the day. There are some campaigns which are repetitive, some which are original and some that create memories forever. Standard Chartered has initiated a 20 day campaign calling it #GoodDeedMarathon and this one is surely going to create memories.


The brand has activated the campaign majorly through Instagram and extended it to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The campaign was launched on 5th December 2013 and divided its timelines into pre-launch, launch, motivation and sustenance and is currently in its launch phase. A digital agency Flying Cursor is executing the #GoodDeedMarathon for Standard Chartered.

The brand created an Instagram account and populated it. It also ran a contest calling it #InstaGoodDeed and invited 5 popular Instagram users to judge these images, thus establishing the base for its mega campaign #GoodDeedMarathon.

Instagram #Instagooddeed

On Facebook, the campaign is supported through an application which is fan-gated. Know Your Band, Submit your Good Deed, Good Deed gallery and launch video is a part of this application. Users can register on the application and by doing so they will receive a good deed band. These bands will be sent out to the first 2000 registered users through Mirakle Couriers. Mirakle Couriers is a company which employs low income deaf adults.

Standard Chartered #GoodDeedMarathon

Various Facebook posts were updated during the pre launch phase to inform fans about the Good Deed Band, the procedure and videos that talked about the campaign.

Standard Chareterd India Facebook Post

This video was first uploaded on the brand’s Youtube Channel and then shared on Facebook and Twitter. The video was shot beautifully, bringing together a number of people and asking them what would they do if they had to do a good deed. Funny, emotional answers are a catch and one cannot stop watching it once started. The video will also be shown at PVR cinemas.

On Twitter, the brand connected with influencers from Mumbai and partnered with them to create a buzz with the hash-tag. We Are Mumbai, MumbaiMag, City Ninjas etc. are some of the influencers who have already begun to drive interaction and engagement around the hash-tag.

#GoodDeedMarathon Tweet #GoodDeedMarathon Tweets #GoodDeedMarathon Tweet

This campaign is a fantastic integration of 4 leading social media platforms. The campaign is perfectly weaved into each social profile, capitalizing on the best of what each has to offer individually.

Online- Offline Integration

This is another much talked about trend that we are observing with digital campaigns. However, Standard Chartered has swamped the offline channels as much as it has with the digital space. Radio partners, Cinema partners and physical goodies being shipped out has left no stone unturned in pulling off this massive campaign.

The brand has partnered with Radio Mirchi, the oldest FM channel which will mention the Good Deed campaign through various RJ’s, asking people to contribute towards good deeds in the city. Radio spots have been saved too which will discuss and question people about the good deeds they want to do. Radio Mirchi is all set to give out starter packs with Good Deed bands and accept registrations.

PVR Cinemas will be offering the good deed bands too with tickets bought during the 15 days of the campaign dates. Apart from this, as mentioned above, the theatre will also screen the launch film of the campaign.

For me, the concept of sending out physical bands totally stands out. I was eager to register so I can avail my starter pack and I am sure many others are too. We all live in a virtual world when it comes to digital campaigns. As much as we love the digital space, receiving a physical product amidst a digital campaign is always a good feeling. It reminds us that tangible goods cannot be replaced. This is a great way of enhancing the offline-online integration trend.

Good Deed Marathon Band

Use of Videos

Videos always add an extra touch of magic. A good video has a great chance of going viral, boosting a campaign. Standard Chartered has not only created a heart touching launch video but also has plans of launching a series of videos where it will pick a certain individual and capture his/her good deed journey.

Among these are famous public personalities who are doing great work in their professional capacity. Aditi Mittal, a famous comedian has been roped in for this. She is a stand up comedian who makes people laugh and this matches the brand message clearly. The brand identified with her good deed of making people laugh.

Other such people who will be roped in will be Ganesh Nayak, Founder, Animals Matter to Me and Nitesh Mohanthy, Founder, Root, a social and political change-maker.

The Real dimension

The Good Deed Marathon is not just for ‘others’ as the campaign suggests. Standard Chartered has also taken initiatives to contribute to this pool of good. There is a real and tangible dimension to this whole activity. The brand is ferrying taxis between Andheri East station and Seepz which will give commuters lift for 5 days, free of cost. This activation is indeed a very good deed since the area is famous for rickshaw drivers who deny plying and cause trouble for daily commuters.

They have also tied up with United Way Mumbai, an NGO, giving people a chance to volunteer, donate and spread the word about the organization.


The campaign has so many aspects, stages and platforms attached to it. It is almost a 360 degree branding initiative which will drive massive conversations online. I believe the crux of the campaign which is doing good in your own personal capacity, will become a lifestyle and a habit after this activity. #GoodDeedMarathon has a significant scope of becoming a topic starter even after the campaign is over.

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