Agency Spotlight – Flying Cursor – Hot Social Media Job Openings at Flying Cursor

Flying Cursor Hot Job Opening

This article is published under our Agency Spotlight feature. The Agency under Spotlight for this month is Flying Cursor. You can read about how we spent a day at Flying Cursor office here.

Flying Cursor is a Mumbai based Digital Agency which believes in working as one unit to create creative partnerships and establish unique experiences for online users. The work culture at the Flying Cursor office is a typical fun day and employees are expected to be crucial part of company. The agency has executed campaigns for Standard Chartered and National Geographic.

1. Social Media Executive

We are looking for fun people with 1-2 years of experience who are interested in working on new, cutting edge digital campaigns while also being responsible for social media KPIs for existing accounts.

A working knowledge of Powerpoint and excellent communication skills are a must.

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2. Social Media Intern

Freshers who are interested in Social Media and love to tinker around with the web, wanting to learn its wonderful and mysterious ways are welcome. (Also, should want to learn a lot).

All you need are excellent communication skills.

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3. Content Creators

The written word is good

The written word is grand

The written word is no longer

Written exclusively by hand


Digital is where it’s all at

There’s no point in denying that.

The power of social media grows everyday

And we play with it in new, exciting ways.


Now that you’ve seen our rhyming skills, you should know that Flying Cursor is looking for full time writers to work from our colourful quirky Mumbai office.

If you’re a writer, if you love digital, if you’re excited by the power of ideas and are brimming with ways to transform the digital space in ways never seen before, then we want you on board.

What we’re looking for:

– Excellent English (spoken and written)

– Ability to ideate on a variety of topics

– Desire to constantly read, observe and research

– Familiarity with the digital medium

– Eye for detail

Who Can Apply:


 Have no prior experience? Come show us the power of your writing and we will snap you up. You get brownie points if you do it in verse.

Writers with 3+ years of experience

Our office is a breath of fresh air. Come explore new avenues, skills and styles with us.

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4. Designers

Is design your superpower? Does your plan for world domination involve Photoshop and its counterparts?

Flying Cursor is on the lookout for designers who are as dynamic as they are creative. If you can ideate on a wide range of topics, think of design and digital innovations.

If you love the digital medium more than you love your morning coffee, and you can churn out deliciously fresh designs while doing all of the above, then we should talk.

What we’re looking for:

– Ability to handle design and branding for various brands

– Ability to ideate on a variety of topics

– Desire to constantly read, observe and research

– Familiarity with the digital medium

– Eye for detail

Who Can Apply:


Have no prior experience? Come show us that you’re positively oozing creativity and we will snap you up.

People with 2+ years experience

Our office is a breath of fresh air. Come explore new avenues, skills and styles with us.

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5. Tech Whizzes

Is the world just an excuse for you to code? Is technology your life, wife or significant other? Do digital ideas and innovations excite you, delight you and make you want to squeal with joy?

Ok, maybe the squealing can be done away with. But if this description fits you, then Flying Cursor wants you on board.

We’re looking for a developer to work out of our quirky Mumbai office. We want someone who is dynamic, creative, brimming with ideas and always excited about the next big thing they can do.

What we’re looking for:

People with 6 months to 1.5 years experience:

– Experience in php web development

– Knowledge of HTML, CSS, MySQL, AJAX and Javascript. CMS, WordPress, HTML 5 experience is an added advantage

– Ability to create quality HTML and CSS

– Ability to explore possibilities with HTML5 and WordPress

– Passion for research and knowledge sharing

People with 2+ years of experience:

– Sound knowledge of digital  technology trends and possibilities

– Ability to work on latest tech trends while maintaining quality.

– Awareness of or willingness to learn about social media applications.

– Ability to think of new interactive experiences using J Query, HTML 5 and social media plug-ins

– Ability to maintain quality of code as per web/digital standards

– Ability to provide technology information and research to the team

– Keen eye for design and basic awareness of design trends

– Ability to lead a team and strong communication skills

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6. Senior SEO Executive

What we’re looking for:

– Ability to working on projects for national and international clients

– Ability to execute planning and writing SEO strategy

– Ongoing client support for SEO strategy

– Desire to constantly read, observe and research the latest SEO initiatives in the marketplace

– Drive to help ensure SEO excellence within the team and agency

– Detail oriented people who can work in a team

– Proven ability to manage multiple accounts & strategies

– Articulate people with good writing skills

Who can apply?

People with 1-3 years SEO experience having knowledge about:

– Comprehensive keyword research
– On-page activities including but not limited to page title & meta data
– Daily, weekly & monthly reporting,
– SEO, not limited to blogs, forums , QnA, directory submission, social bookmarking and article submission and page factors
– All forms of relevant link building
– Using the SEO process to create brand avenues & opportunities, without limiting the objective to higher page views.

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Flying Cursor makes sure that every employee is given a position of a stakeholder rather than an employee. The work culture is sure to pick every capability of an individual and refine it further.