[Video] How Brands Can Build an In-House Social Media Team

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Social Media is gaining such great momentum that it has become an absolute necessity for an organization to form a team of Social Media professionals. The question that arises here, is whether the team is to be made for a brand or for an agency.

Mr. Sanjay Mehta, Co-founder of Social Wavelength, in this video talks about forming a team from a brand perspective. When a brand hires a social media agency, it should make sure to get at least one person in an organization who is acquainted with Social media and Digital Marketing so that the brand can deal with digital agencies more efficiently.

If an organization is in-sourcing the talent, it will require an involved training program so that it can create an internal evangelist. In an organization, we have to pool talented people from each department, conduct meetings in a cell led by marketing personnel who understands customer needs and wants.

Therefore, just relying entirely upon the digital agency can be a foolhardy approach in today’s context.

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