[Report] Google Business Group Talks About ROI On Digital And Social Media Marketing


Google Business Group (GBG) Mumbai had arranged for a unique session to talk about the techniques of measuring ROI on digital and social media marketing. Three industry experts presented interesting cases studied in an interactive session at the event.

Here is a report by GBG that talks about how internet, Digital Media and mobile has revolutionized the advertisement industry by showing various trends and probable growth in this segment and how social media’s effective use can be measured. The effectiveness of Social Media can be measured in the form of awareness, revenue, action and participation. It also talks about impression and survey based brand positioning.

Furthermore, it highlights “The ship of Theseus” case study – how it leveraged the platform of social media to make a critically acclaimed art film which was successful at the box office. It also highlights the use of Social Media to find the right theatre and right timings to generate more customers.

ROI On Digital And Social Media Marketing from SocialSamosa.com