IBN Live Movies Invites Wrath by Live Tweeting First Day First show of Jai Ho

The much anticipated movie Jai Ho released today. Friday being a working day, most people were waiting for Saturday or Sunday to catch the flick. But they were in for a rude shock, when this morning @IBNLiveMovies decided to live tweet the movie through @BollywoodGandu

Tweets ranged from being spoil alerts to being insensitive. Not only did it spoil the mood but invited the wrath of several of its fans.

Choice of Critic

CNN IBN chose @BollywoodGandu as the critic for live tweeting the movie who is known for taking potshots at such films and as CNN IBN points out is a “humorist” rather than a movie critic. Though we truly respect an individual’s opinion, as a media house CNN IBN could have been more careful in having a neutral critic than a biased one.

Live Tweeting vs Movie Review

Live tweeting a movie from the theatre and a movie review are like the snapshot and summary of the movie. The essential difference is that live tweeting is basically tweeting what you see at the screen at that moment without knowing the essence of the story or what is coming next. Live tweeting doesn’t do justice since the person is busy tweeting or thinking about the tweets instead of paying attention and judging the movie. Movie Review carries the essence of the movie whereas even if you accumulate all the tweets from the live tweeting done today it will only give you snapshots of the movie which would look good in a collage but would hardly make any sense.


Being a nationwide news channel CNN IBN should have more responsible for the tweets that go out through their handle. An organization specially a news channel has more responsibilities toward sensible tweeting as opposed to an individual.