Social Media Agency Feature: Kwebmaker - A Full Service Digital Agency

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Social Media Agency Feature: Kwebmaker - A Full Service Digital Agency

Who are we?

Kwebmaker™ is a full service Digital Agency offering websites, portals, e-commerce and online marketing services across industries since 1998. With headquarters in India, and branch offices spread over USA and Denmark, Kwebmaker™ has a strong and experienced in-house team of designers and programmers that can develop and deploy web projects of any nature and size clubbed with a dedicated team of online experts who have implemented successful online marketing initiatives that use the web to empower your brand or company. Kwebmaker™ is headed by Mr. Dhananjay Arora, who is the Founder and CEO.

What's in the name?

Kwebmaker™ – the ‘K’ in the brand name stands for Lord Krishna. And we are quite literally epitomise the ‘webmaker,’ since the company was established when the internet was in its infant stage, i.e. in 1998 and are the one of the pioneers to recognize the importance of having a website for every company.

What we do?

We offer the following services:

  • Website – Design and Development
  • Mobile apps
  • Search and Social Media

Why we do it?


Hailing from a business background, Dhananjay Arora, while working in his father's office, realised how important it was to have a website. He was always interested in everything related to technology and envisioned a bright and ‘wide’ future of the World Wide Web which led to the establishment of ‘Kwebmaker™’

How do we evolve?

Our Team

From working in his garage all by himself to setting up an office in Tardeo with only 45 employees, Dhananjay Arora has continued to gain a strong ground for Kwebmaker™ in the digital domain. Kwebmaker keeps innovating and always keeps itself up to date with the digital industry trends.

Social responsibility in social media

As a socially responsible agency, care is taken so that misleading information is not sent out from any of the brand pages. Social Media Emergencies need to be handled with care and if a fan is hurt by some comment/action, it has to be taken care of immediately in the manner required.

Need of the hour

Value creation: More than ROI, brands need to focus on Value Creation. A huge amount of Digital Data is consumed online at any given point of time, and for a brand to really stand out, it is essential for them to create value.

We learned the hard way

We've learnt over the years to never ignore our clients on social media and try to bring them to the platform before our competitor does. We’ve lost a couple of clients due to our negligence towards social media.

Did we just share that?

A very reputed company once uploaded a cover photo that read ‘Happy Holi.’ The tragedy was, that it was Valentine’s Day! Sigh…

They work with us

Tata Realty and Infrastructure, HDFC Mutual Fund, High Street Phoenix, The Palladium Hotel, Speciality Restaurants, Venus Music, Maxx Mobile, Its Our Studio, Welspun Spaces, Lilavati Hospital, GJEPC (The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council) and many other top brands.

Industry as we foresee

This is an ever growing and a very dynamic industry, with a huge percentage of brands yet to taste digital media. It is like a white slate board where a lot of innovation have been made, and yet zillions of them can be executed digitally. In the current scenario, having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram, and Pinterest is absolutely crucial. We give a very simple piece of advice to every client – Reach there before your competitor does. Our prices will hike if your competitor takes over before you do!

A day without the Internet

A day without the internet is like a day without ‘life’. Internet is literally our ‘Roti, Kapda and Makaan’. Kwebmaker™ will not be able to imagine its life without the internet and hopefully we never have a day without it. If the internet goes down for five minutes, there is widespread panic within us, creating a somewhat ‘Kumbh Melai-ish’ scenario.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are looking out for Creative Directors to join our team. He/she must have a minimum of over 5 years of experience.

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