Social Media Campaign Review: Idea Filmfare Taps into Bollywood Frenzy on Twitter & Instagram

filmfare Award


Idea Filmfare aimed to tap into the community of Bollywood fans to promote the 59th Idea Filmfare awards to be held on the 24th of January.


filmfare Award

Contestants are given a series of clues, based on which, they would take a picture of Mumbai’s filmiest locations and upload them on Twitter & Instagram. 75% of the picture would have to include the location, according to the terms and conditions.

The winner of the contest would be decided by the number of locations that the individuals clicked and uploaded. The simplicity of this contest is an added incentive to participate in it. If you waited till the last few days of the campaign, you could plan a mumbai-visit with an out-of-town friend, and take all the pictures of the clue-locations.


This campaign has a great prize to motivate the target audience to participate in the contest. The social currency obtained from meeting Dhoom 3’s Abhishekh Bacchan is great. By leveraging the Bollywood craze in this country, the campaign has struck a right chord with the people.

FilmfareIn terms of core execution, the campaign has a good interface. The presence of the PRINT button was a great move on behalf of the execution team. Idea made it easier for someone to take a print-out of the clues sheet and get hunting. There could have also been a QR code that would have redirected people with mobile devices to the landing page of the campaign as well. The landing page could have provided more information to the participants as they raced to their next locations.

Scope for improvement


The mobile experience has not been effectively tested. The “contests” navigation bar appears to be moving, when a user scrolls up/down on android devices. As people would want to take a picture from their mobiles and upload the images directly, the mobile website needs to be optimized in terms of both the front-end script and its responsive design.

The winner is decided by the number of locations visited, clicked, and uploaded. There is no engagement with the brand, no community voting mechanism, and no points for creativity. The contest would only be limited to the people participating in it, and not be shared across his/her social presence.

There is a Like button next to the images of the participants, however, the “like” does not count towards the final selection. There is no implicit reason for a visitor to the landing page to click the like button on the images.


The campaign could have leveraged online thought leaders and influencers in the space of Bollywood to engage their followers in guessing the right answers to these questions; thereby promoting the campaign further.


To create engagement, Idea could have tweaked the contest a little bit. But still, the campaign is a good way for the brand to tap into the Bollywood frenzy.