Social Media Campaign Review : Tanishq Engages To Be Brides with Confessions Of A Bride Campaign


The latest Confession of a Bride campaign is an embodiment of the dreams of every bride. While some confess their desire to be dressed in a Sabyasachi couture, some want rose petals to be showered from helicopter during their wedding and some others want to kiss their partner at a beach or near an active volcano. Through the contests, brides can confess their emotions and in turn win exciting prizes.


Through an integrated social media campaign Tanishq strives to reach out to young girls and soon-to-be brides.



Hosted on a dedicated website – the campaign is straight with a somewhat explicit picture, of a couple kissing under water (and perhaps swimming too at the same time), on its home page. All you have to do is hit the ‘Confess Now’ button on the home page and make your confession. But before you do that, you may be tempted to read other brides’ fantasies to find a cue.


And you can, of course, post romantic pictures with your partner if you wish to. In order to sell happiness through the theme of wedding, the campaign also provides a number of informative links such as Tanishq’s jewellery collections, rituals of different Indian communities, contacts of wedding planners and useful catalogues that tell you what to spend your money on. Interestingly, the home page also takes you to a YouTube video of a few confessions and which says why wedding is the most important event in one’s life.


For a change, here is a glimpse of the campaign through one of its messages –

“I probably would not like to get married in air… but I would like to kiss him in air. I would like to have one photograph of us together in air with each other to treasure that moment. For him, I want to sit nearby seashore with him at Bora Bora islands (as the sea is as calm as him) and nearby a volcano (which perfectly represents me).”



The campaign is loosely integrated with its Facebook and Twitter pages which have a decent following. The campaign has a dedicated webpage and messages can be personalised.

The campaign beagn at the peak of the wedding season last year and has apparently been able to garner sufficient attention. One can also create a hash-tag to initiate a Twitter discussion. Banking on ‘the fat Indian wedding’ theme, Tanishq, the wedding Jeweller, managed to reach out to its precise target audience.

Scope for Improvement:


The Tanishq brand and its products do not feature directly in the contest. One can easily skip the subtle images and branding on the contest page while she is engrossed in confessing her deep-rooted fantasies.


The campaign is a highly intelligent way to engage with consumerist brides who are passionate about their weddings. It successfully communicates and reinforces the brand message to social media enthusiasts. Lastly, you may wonder how miserable it would be to kiss someone at 30,000 feet altitude, hanging in the air, but Tanishq has offered an overt space to passionate girls to give vent to their wildest imaginations on social media.