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The use of social media was imperative, considering its efficiency in reaching out to the youth across the globe. This review portfolio platform helped Lokusdesign to scout for design talent by using social media. Facebook provided the opportunity to not only reach out to a target audience within a short time span but also to engage their interest. Furthermore, it being one of the most influential platforms students began promoting this activity within their friend circle and other relevant communities on Facebook. It was vital to provide latest updates with countdown notifications which would help students to stick to their timelines and submit their work within the given time period.

Facebook being easily available on most of the smart phones as an app, it became easier to reach out to a large number of students across the globe. The simple process of submitting the portfolios encouraged students to share their works and get them reviewed by experts in the industry. Managing the portfolios and student responses which could have been a challenge became easy as all the processes were taken care of by the online servers. Live tweets helped the audience to acquire real time information on this activity and helped spread awareness among different communities.


The objective of this Online Portfolio Review was to create an interactive platform for students of design with the aim of showcasing their creativity and to enable them to utilise the opportunity of being reviewed by industry experts on a regular basis. Social media being a well utilised and effective platform accessible to students, Lokusdesign sought this opportunity to use Facebook and twitter as a medium to encourage more students who could benefit from this advantage


Tweets were sent out announcing Jury Details and Submission process.

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Connectivity to Facebook promoted this event well and as a result we received tremendous response from students of design across different cities. This success encouraged Lokusdesign to continue the initiative as a monthly activity where more students could participate.

This was a good learning process for beginners as such exposure at an early stage helped students to understand the industry better. This platform facilitated Lokusdesign with the opportunity to connect with industry experts and helped to understand and foresee the trends of the budding creative talent.

On the other hand the youth also got a chance to experience the industry feedback to improve their work.