Why Twitter Faces Political Flak For Raheel Khursheed’s Anti Political Tweets

raheel khursheed

The row over Raheel Khursheed’s appointment by Twitter for the position of Twitter India’s new chief, News, Politics and Government has stirred a rather stern upheaval among the right wing supporters.

Raheel Khursheed, a young Kashmiri Muslim journalist who was earlier serving CNN IBN as Senior Reporter and Change.org as Director Communications, has suddenly risen to a national fame post his appointment on Twitter as the new head. His responsibilities at Twitter include managing, tracking and expanding Twitter’s relationships with journalists/editors, government officials & politicians.

Khursheed is a known Modi hater and a several tweets and statements are proof. He is a candid critic of Rahul Gandhi too. His hire has only caused a ripple effect within the political eco system and BJP leaders have condemned Twitter’s decision of roping in a biased individual to lead political partnerships in India.

Concern over Anti Party or Pro Party Sentiments

While the BJP flak seems to be justified is the right wing party more concerned about Khursheed’s criticism for Modi or is it his support to a certain political party? His appointment comes in a day when BJP is besieged with a revolting Indian mindset. There is a clear difference in opinion within Raheel Khursheed’s mind and this is public if his Twitter timeline is excavated.

raheel khursheed


raheel khursheed


Although he has also tweeted about Rahul Gandhi in a negative light but this can hardly be construed as anti-Congress.

As a news and political partnership chief, his influence is only going to grow stronger. In such a scenario, his allegedly biased attitude can prove to be troublesome.

Petitions filed Online

A number of petitions have been filed online by Twitter supports and political party supporters. On Change.org, the leading petition with generated over 4K signatures has been filed to revoke the appointment. It begins with a tweet that is anti-BJP.

raheel khursheed

Another petition has been filed by Tushar Sharma from Jaipur asking Twitter to hire Mr. Kanchan Gupta instead.

raheel khursheed

Is Twitter’s Image at Stake?

Several inferences are being drawn w.r.t Twitter’s image and how this incident can threaten its reputation of being the single most platform that voices out unbiased and uninterrupted opinions of the masses.

Though some are of the opinion that tweets will begin to disappear if they are anti-politicians and certain policies will be levied, currently no such instances have been witnessed. On the contrary, a string of judgments and opinions about this issue is already doing rounds on the micro blogging site. Mixed judgments seem to be emerging among Twitter users. Thus, whether or not the site will lose its credibility are mere assumptions.


raheel khursheed


raheel khursheed


However, the BJP stands by its statement that it is not the prerogative of their party to control who Twitter hires.

It is also important that Raheel Khursheed be given a chance to execute his duties before jumping to suppositions. It will be interesting to see the turn of events over the next few days. Do you think this brouhaha generated by right wing politicians will go against him or do you support the need of an unbiased individual to hold an influential position on Twitter. Share your views with us through comments.