Workshop by Buzzooka Infomedia on Digital Scope for Food Retail Sector

social media workshop

Buzzooka Infomedia is going to organize another workshop on 27th February, its focus being the people from the Food and Restaurants industry.

Workshop Overview

social media-day (buzzooka workshop )

The digital era has taken everyone and everything by storm. This week Facebook is celebrating its decade of sharing and liking. Do you remember how the world worked a decade back? Quite hazy, isn’t it? Technology has certainly made the world shrink to the size of a computer on your desk, or even better – a cell phone that you can carry everywhere in your pocket.

Digital media is certainly on a roll and according to studies it is only gaining momentum. It has not only proven beneficial for personal use and to stay in touch with loved ones, but has also become a great source of monetizing.

Millions of people are already taking advantage of various platforms to endorse themselves or their brand and are crunching big returns on investment with the right know how and the right strategies, while others are busy outsourcing.

In any case, a little knowledge is a must before you start investing is something new, no matter how promising it may sound.

One sector that has really picked up recently is food retail. Pick any social network, from Facebook to Pinterest to G+, you’ll see them flooded with food joints and many rate and review services are making little less than a fortune.

So, if you’re in the food business, it kind of makes it a must for you to have a strong presence on social media. To know more about how things work on the digital platform, you can attend the following workshop, organised by Buzzooka InfoMedia Pvt. Ltd., that is targeting the food retail sector

Date: February 27, 2014

Location: Delhi

Venue: Solitaire : Crowne Plaza Rohini, New Delhi 110085

Fee: Rs. 10,000/- + taxes

How to Register?

You can register online or contact

Mr. Jitendra Karki, +91 85060 83802,

Email: [email protected]

Or Tripta Arora – +91 8506083801

Email – [email protected]

About Buzzooka Infomedia

Buzzooka Infomedia is a premier digital marketing company based in Rohini, Delhi. It is the first creative agency in India that organizes training programs portraying immense experience in carrying out various successful digital marketing campaigns for a number of MNCs and MSMEs. Buzzooka organizes Digital Marketing Workshop every month viz. the Social Media Day. There are various advantages of attending the Digital Marketing Workshop:

  • Understand the benefits of Social Media and Online-Space.
  • Carry an in-house digital marketing campaign effectively.
  • Develop a strategy (for Social Media Marketing) from scratch for your Business/Company.
  • Identify the right Social Media Platform for your Business/Company.
  • Identify the target audience for your brand.
  • Effectively engage the current fans and followers on your page by using different techniques.
  • Use tools to leverage and maximize your efforts.
  • Create and manage communities online.
  • Create an appealing online reputation with easy do-it-yourself ticks.

Tackle various CRM and ORM activities on Social Media.

More details about the workshop.

  • Post-Social Media Workshop, your expectations will surpass in all ways.
  • Expect yourself to be enlightened with excess knowledge of digital marketing campaigns courtesy of various case studies that you will be briefed upon.
  • You will be able to build and run a successful community on Social Media and Online Space.
  • Knowledge of effective marketing techniques on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin.
  • How to effectively run blogs online and engage people with your blogs.

Knowledge of the basics of social media to run and execute online campaigns efficiently.