[Report] An Insight to The Top Resolutions Made and Discussed on Twitter Across India -

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Feb 12, 2014 04:31 IST
New Update
Report New Year Resolutions Made on Twitter

January marks that time of the year when our thoughts turn to eating less, exercising more and trying to get all the things done which we  the previous year. People across the globe have made their declarations on Twitter saying what they will or will not follow or work on this year. Now that we’ve entered the next month, it’ll be interesting to look back to see what happened on Twitterverse about these resolutions from India.

ThoughtBuzz, the social media analytics’ arm of TO THE NEW has come up with a report that has monitored Twitter feeds across India to scan for these resolutions being mentioned by people.

An insight to the top resolutions made and discussed on Twitter across India -

  • Increase in people who want to stay away from relationships
  • Increase in people who want to quit drinking as an addiction
  • Relative to 2014, a decrease in resolutions related to health and fitness as a percent of the whole

Read the complete report below:

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