Social Media Campaign Review: Cornetto Inspires Couples to Express Their Love With ‘Cupidity Call Centre’

Cornetto Fb cover imagae


Cornetto is a brand for frozen dessert cones manufactured and marketed by Unilever, throughout the world. Generally people think that Cornetto is the result of a patent or a revolutionary invention, but it is actually a beautiful and unique love story.

Cornetto is a brand for the youth and is all about expressing what’s inside their hearts. This is evident from their message- ‘Say it with Cornetto’. The brand uses this romantic appeal time and again to strengthen its connection with the target audience and at the same time to reinforce the fact that the DNA of Brand Cornetto comprises of love and teens.

Cornetto India has been one of the adopters in leveraging digital and social media. Cornetto Luv Reels is an excellent intellectual property aimed at co-creation and driving consumer engagement.

Keeping in view the Valentines season, the brand has launched its new campaign “Do Something Cupid”- a path breaking innovation which inspires couples to express their love for each other in a different way altogether. The BIG idea here is ‘Don’t Just say it, SING it’. Setting aside all the usual boring ways to express love, Cornetto gave the followers a chance to express their love through a special customized song. All they had to do was leave a message on the specially created link, the message would then be converted into a song dedicated to their loved one within a span of 10 minutes.


The objectives of ‘Do Something Cupid’ campaign fall in line with the brand’s proposition of tapping the love and romance appeal to connect with the youth. Heading towards the paradigm shift from traditional advertising to the realms of content marketing the brand intends to :

  • Engage with the existing fans/followers base and couples online, and generate content which is unique, interactive and relevant to the customers.
  • Attain newer levels of customer engagement, channelize the user generated content for creating buzz and strengthening the brands positioning among the target audience.
  • Drive sales by communicating and reinforcing the message that if not a planned outing or a romantic dinner, head straight to a Cornetto ice cream parlour for celebrating Valentines day.


The ‘Do Something Cupid’ campaign kick started on February 3rd 2014 with ways to enjoy an amazing journey of love this Valentine’s Day.

cornetto campaign execution

As a build up to the Cupidity Call Centre – Sing It, Don’t Say It app – #DoSomethingCupid tips were posted everyday from February 4th to February 11th 2014. Some of the tips were:

Do something cupid for your loved one this Valentine’s Day!

cornetto campaign execution

These tips were complemented with a post on suggestions as to how to Do Something Cupid out of it. These posts were attempted at sustaining the buzz created from the Do Some Cupid tip of the day.

For example Day 5: Shopping In Love tip was complemented with this post.

Girls are crazy about shopping. Period. So go all out, let her shop and surprise her, without any nagging, this Valentine’s Day!


On February 11th , Sid’s Valentine Song for Yaami was released and the link for the app to create customized songs dedicated to your loved ones was also posted. This post went viral with over 20,000 likes in a span of one day.

On February 12th , Cornetto Cupidity Call Centre app was officially launched with a change in the cover picture of the Facebook page. The app was simultaneously hosted on Facebook as well as on the microsite-

Cornetto Fb cover imagae

The interface for the app was easy to use and simple. Type in your love message and the message would then be converted to a love song in a span of 10 minutes. The link to the uploaded video on YouTube will be posted on the users Facebook wall.

cornetto cupidity


outcome of cornetto campaign


The ‘Do Something Cupid’ campaign and the Cupidity Call Centre application is a brilliant move by Cornetto India. The BIG idea of “Don’t Say It, Sing It” – the platform to create customized songs, has helped the brand in strengthening its connection with the target audience and reinforcing the idea that brand cares for the needs and wants of customers.

Cornetto India has made the most out of the recent phenomenon which involves utilizing crowdsourced user generated content in creating a buzz.

In light of the debacle of traditional advertising, Content Marketing is the way to go and the brand has done a wonderful job in implementing the same.

The timing and the brand-campaign mix was absolutely perfect. This ensured that the brand reaches out to the right people, with the right message, in the right place and at the right time.

Scope of Improvement

Although the campaign has received a great response from the target audience and is quite successful, Instagram and Pinterest should have been used as the idea of having customized songs was strong and the content complementing the same was already there. By creating a buzz across all platforms and channelizing that towards the campaign could have received a far better turnout and the engagement number would have been really high.

The brand managed to impress and dazzle users by creating the video song and sharing the link on their walls but what next? An option to download the audio file of the song should have been there. A connecting link was missing too; EITHER they could have asked for data like name, email which could be used for further campaign mailers OR instead of sharing the video on the user’s wall they could have posted it on their pages and tagged the users along, increasing the probability of peer traffic to the page leading to an increase in the number of fans for the brand.


Cornetto’s Do Something Cupid campaign was excellent and exceptional in terms of ideation and concept, which in turn lead to an all new level of customer engagement and emotional connect. There was a slight lag in the execution but the campaign managed to meet the desired objectives of crowd sourcing user generated content, creating a buzz and most importantly engaging and connecting with the customers’ emotions with love and romance appeals. Kudos to the digital team for an impressive and outstanding performance.