Social Media Case Study : How FabFurnish Generated Social Media Buzz with #Fimagination

Brand Name

Objectives is a leading online store in India that mainly deals with home décor and utility products. The e-store, which has already found huge acceptance on various social media platforms, has recently launched a TV commercial. The company had been searching for a word which would clearly reflect an exclusive thought, playing a vital role in expressing the objective behind launching the TV commercial., therefore, being an active brand on social media, took the opportunity to conduct a 6-day contest on Facebook and Twitter. The company knew that nothing could have served as a better platform to meet this purpose. The contest, being thoroughly innovative and interesting, was appreciated by a wide audience.

Campaign Approach

  • To create a campaign using the hashtag #freedomofimagination which would run across Facebook and Twitter
  • To create awareness among existing followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook using promotional updates
  • To create awareness among fans and followers using interactive tweets
  • To build a larger follower and fan base on Twitter and Facebook with the help of relevant hashtags and keywords tracking to interact with them
  • An added incentive was the offering of shopping vouchers worth Rs. 1500 without any minimum purchase to the winners


So, it was on the opening day of the campaign that started using the hashtag #freedomofimagination. Consequently, it attracted the attention of numerous visitors, who started using it as a trend. Plenty of tweets followed, and the post was even retweeted and shared many times. It also played a key role in helping add over 50 new followers and develop a fan base of approximately 10,000.

As far as the contest was concerned, it commenced from January 11, 2014, and continued till January 16, 2014, and was divided into two phases.

First Phase:

FabFurnish Twitter

Fab Furnish Facebook post

FabFurnish Facebook post

The first phase had a duration of 4 days, during which the participants were asked to coin a new term by blending the words ‘FREEDOM’ and ‘IMAGINATION’. The contestants came up with plenty of words, from which only four words were shortlisted by the jury. This was followed by the final phase of the contest.

Fab Furnish Tweet

Second Phase:

FabFurnish Post on Facebook

Twitter Mentions

FabFurnish Twitter mentions

FabFurnish Mentions on Twitter

Facebook Mentions

FabFurnish Facebook Mentions

Fab Furnish twitter post

Now, in the highly interesting second phase of the contest, the contestants were provided with the shortlisted words and were instructed to cast their votes in favor of the word they liked the most. ‘FIMAGINATION’ stood out as the ultimate choice of both the jury and the majority of the participants. The ones who voted for it were declared winners and were therefore awarded a free shopping voucher worth Rs. 1500, without any minimum purchase.

The television commercial was finally aired for the first time on January 17, 2014, and became an instant hit. The word ‘FIMAGINATION’ perfectly expressed the entire theme of the commercial. Moreover, the term found huge acceptance among people of various categories – including politics, sports, and business. The grand success of the word endowed it with an identity. It became a favorite expression of people’s freedom to dream and furnish their homes just as they want.

FabFurnish Tv Commercial

FabFurnish tv commercial

#Fimagination Fab Furnish


  • 50 new Twitter followers
  • 349 Mentions on Twitter
  • 38.9k reach on Twitter
  • Total Facebook reach 46,000
  • 2.2k total Facebook new likes (Organic)
  • 3,000 total interactions on Facebook related to the contest