Social Media Case Study : How SulaFest 2014 Reached Out to More than 50 Million People on Social Media

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Vero Moda Sula Fest Social media report

Brand Name

Sula Vineyards - Sulafest '14

Agency name

MindShift Interactive Pvt. Ltd.


  •  Increase buzz, engagement and the desire to attend Sulafest among loyalists and new audiences
  •  Build awareness of the schedule and the partners
  •  Highlight what’s new and expected in 2014 at Sulafest
  •  Generate sales for the event


Phase 1


Main stage line-up, travel plans, accommodation and ticket sales went up on the event page and allowed people, who were attending, to co-ordinate.

Relived the good memories, shared the key; artists shared brand loyalist testimonials.

  • We disclosed one band every alternate day
  • True fans were identified by clues given before the event
  • Recall and adoption for artists created through the sharing of band videos


  • Users were asked to share their reasons for attending #SulaFest
  • Send in a warm welcome to the band and meet them at #SulaFest!
  • Trended in Mumbai for the entire day and across India for a few hours
  • Give a musical twist to your name

Phase 2

  • #Sulafest #WineLovers send a picture of yourself with a glass of wine and with goodies at the @Sula_Vineareds Stall
  • Stay Fashionable while at #SulaFest and share it with us by clicking a photo, along with a bottle of Sula

Phase 3

  • #Sulafest ‘14 Album uploaded
  •  Posts thanking fans for their love at Sulafest
  •  Posts talking about the next year and new experiences


  • Facebook fans increased - 4,805
  • Fans talking about it - 4,503
  • Engagement Ratio - 12%
  • Current fan base - 22, 249
  • Twitter followers -  increased 802
  • Current follower base - 5, 291
  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis - 77% Positive
  • Instagram outreach - 5.7 million
  • Facebook outreach - 25.5 million
  • Twitter outreach - 1.06 million
  • Twitter Timeline Deliverables - 18.10 million
  • Total outreach - 50.36 million


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