Simple Ways You Can Use Vine for Your Business

twitter vine

If you don’t know what “Vine” is, you must living under a rock. And a huge rock at that. But since you have came to this article, allow me to introduce you to Twitter Vine and pull you out from under that rock.

Twitter’s Vine is a mobile application that lets you capture 6-seconds long videos. The app is simple to use and anyone can create videos through it.

Now that I have introduced you to this app, I do not want you to miss out on the smart ways in which you can use “Twitter Vine”. So, here are the ways in which, being a businessman, you can get the most out of it.

Let people know who you are

In this fast paced world, no one really has the time for extra clicks. People do not want to be scrolling through web pages and scouring through the jargon and faux promising discounts in bold letters to lure people in. People want to make sure of who you are even before they click. With Twitter Vine you can introduce yourself to people in ajusts 6 seconds, that too in a very meaningful way. Within the shortest period, just let them know who you are and what you have got to offer and leave the rest to the power of social media.

It’s good to have celebrations and not bad to see them either. Kotak bank is celebrating its earning of 50,000 followers on Twitter and have posted a vine video to spring out. Watch it, learn it and follow it. Though it’s not an introductory video, you can take cues from it.

Become a Rage

A businessman might have to wait all his life to hear that his business has gone places, but with Twitter Vine, it does not seem that much of a big task. As soon as the video connects to a large number of people, it joins the popular “now” section of the app and the app is mature enough to distinguish between the rising videos as well.

Keep it entertaining

People at Twitter Vine are not really there to watch any of your boring advertisements. People are there to have fun. So keep it light, keep it fun and don’t think of promoting your products/services using boring videos. Keep it fun.

From being an average brand to one of the most popular Indian brands, LG has faced it all and they know how things work! LG came up with a vine video for the promotion of the LG Optimus G pro in an entertaining manner. Have a look:

Make every second count

It might prove to be an imperative task to exhibit who you are within a short period of 6 seconds. Neither Vine, nor people are willing to give you more than that. So you have to be creative, smart and explanatory at the same time – all in those 6 seconds. You will have to make every second count and convey something attractive enough for the viewer.

Now, watch this and you will thank me for telling you all about it! Things can really turn out to be interesting in a period as short as 6 seconds.



These were the general suggestive knacks which can be used by any business. Now let me take you through some specific ways you can use Vine for your business


  • Videos stay relatively longer in our mind than posters, pictures or texts. Use Vine to showcase an appetising 360-degree view of your mouth-watering dishes.
  • While the quality of food is essential, I have actually seen people visiting restaurants because of their ambience. Use Vine videos if you have crafty walls, a refreshing location, environment or unique furnishings.

Apparel or shoe store:

  • A view of shoes from different angles
  • Ramp-walk videos
  • Different colours for the same model of shoes/dress
  • Showcase latest arrivals

Before and After Magic:

  • Weight loss
  • Baldness treatments
  • Laser operations
  • Hair-cuts
  • Make-up salons

If you are smart, you wouldn’t miss the chance. Go and install Vine, right now! Have more ideas? Share with us in the comments below!