[Report] Is BJP Losing The Game Against AAP on Social Media?

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India has witnessed a revolution in political campaigning owing to the upsurge of Social Media wave across the country. In no time, all the parties and their chief politicians have joined platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube and making attempts to leverage it for their political campaigns.

Keeping in mind how crucial social media is for the 2014 General Elections, the tech savvy BJP, was all set to cash in on the Social Media Game. However, the unexpected new entrant, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is riding the online wave after it gained huge support and share of voice post the Delhi elections.

So is BJP losing the Social Media plot against Aam Admi Party? Let’s take a look in this report where we have reviewed both the parties on social media and drawn insights from the data shared by the MTS Election Tracker, which is powered by Konnect Social and Co-Sponsored by Social Rajneeti.

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