Facebook Launches Free Voice Calling Feature For Android and iOS Users


The world’s largest social networking platform Facebook has yet again come up with a flashing update, this being the most awaited one in recent times. The news comes as a breath of fresh air as it rolls out the Voice Calling feature via Facebook Messenger for the ever-expanding and tech-savvy Indian market. The Facebook and Facebook Messenger mobile apps now offer a “Free Call” feature in the chat window’s Menu button for the Android and an ‘I’ button for the iPhone users. It enables the users to make free voice calls over 3G and Wi-Fi networks.

The users won’t be charged for the calls. They will only be paying for the data plan (which they have already subscribed to) with their telecom service provider. An incoming voice call shows up like a normal phone call with the calling person’s full screen picture on an Android device whereas the call is denoted by a push notification on an iPhone. This feature is active between users who have either Facebook or Facebook Messenger App installed on their phones. This facility is not available on the web version of Facebook Messenger.

The Free Voice Calling feature via Facebook Messenger App is expected to connect the users on a larger scale since the number of smartphone users is considerably high. The upgrade to this feature has been relatively quiet. With Facebook becoming a much-needed tool these days and the number of smartphone users increasing day by day, this feature is surely expected to create a wave in the market.

Facebook introduced this feature for the first time for its iOS users in USA and Canada in January 2013. It was extended to the Android users in April 2013.

It is interesting to note that this feature comes shortly after WhatsApp, which has been recently acquired by Facebook, announced its plan to introduce free voice calling.

With a new feather in its cap, Facebook surely knows how to keep up with the changing social markets.