How To Generate 44x Higher CTR & 5x Conversion Rate From Facebook Ads Without FBX

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising has evolved a lot in the last 2 years and today interest based targeting is just one of the many features it offers. Facebook Exchange (FBX) which is the cookie based remarketing platform of Facebook, was touted to deliver 44x higher CTR & 5x conversion rate in a few reports last year.

This was compared to Facebook’s interest based targeting, but FBX is only available through third party partners and mostly works on CPM based pricing only.

Earlier this year Facebook rolled out Website Custom audiences, which essentially means that you can now target any visitors or customers coming to your website through Facebook ads tool or any Facebook ads api tools like AdSpringr.

It does not matter if the visitor logs in or not, or what page they visit, once you integrate Facebook’s pixel (i.e. a piece of code similar to Google analytics code, available through Facebook Ad’s tool) Facebook starts tracking who is visiting your website and starts creating a custom audience list for you which can be selected to target in your ads.

This feature, in addition to Custom audiences, where you can upload your lists of subscriber phone numbers or email addresses (specifically people who read your emails), along with an effective mix of targeting fans can deliver the same ROI as FBX.

One might ask, doesn’t this compete with FBX? In some ways it does, but the way Facebook explains it is that both services are complementary – “For advertisers who have a large number of products and advertise to multiple audiences, FBX is the better solution.

For businesses that don’t typically work with third parties, website and mobile app Custom Audiences will allow them to show ads to people who have been to their site or mobile app and still utilize Facebook’s targeting abilities.” More information can be found here.

Website Custom Audiences offer lot of flexibility in terms of targeting people who visited specific pages, when they visited the site (1-180 days) etc. You can make the audience targeting as complicated as you want by using and/or statements or keep it simple like we do by two different things:

  • General Audience who visited any page on your website.
  • Audience that visited a specific “thank you” page.


I believe today facebook offers the most powerful targeting available today. With Website custom audiences you can drive more traffic, get more relevant fans and above all increase your sales.

Have you tried Website Custom audiences yet? Do share your results in the comments below!