[Infographic] A Social Media Analysis of What Women Really Want

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Mar 11, 2014 04:59 IST
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Women Wants

A couple of movies, 'n' number of books, a million discussions over chats and yet, “What does a women really want?” remains a million dollar question in everybody’s mind! Not just the guy’s! Truth is, women are mercurial minded. Their wishes, desires, wants changes with time, mood and a million other factors.

Owing to Women’s Day, a futile attempt was made to unravel the mystery with the help of numbers and statistics, and here it is! Thanks to ThoughtBuzz, the social media analytics tool, which scanned women online and drew a few numbered deductions on what women of the 21st century discuss and talk on Social Media.

Shopping (48%)


Ah! Expected, isn’t it? What can give more pleasure than pampering oneself with new clothes, accessories and more? Feeling the Gucci products gives an innate sense of satisfaction!

As much as they love shopping, they are equally passionate about describing and sharing their shopping experiences, updates and gossips. Lifestyle store remains their favorite destination and hey, believe it or not, 1% of the women have vehement discussions on shopping hatred!

Around 60% show interest towards shopping contests through hashtags, twitter etc. while 61% have developed a fondness for online shopping! So guys, want to impress your lady love? Sometimes the clichéd route still remains the best way !

 Relationship/Marriage (30%)

Relationship  and Marraige

Cheesy comments, regrets , laments, dating tips, disastrous gossips, what not? Women love talking about all these online! Overthrowing all jokes on how women have an inclination towards rich men, looks like money is like her least botheration.

They want a man who never gives up on them and expect trust and honesty. But yes, very few talk about more serious issues related to the same, like child marriages, dowry etc.

 Health & Fitness (14%)

Health & Fitness

How can size zero talks be avoided? Well, it’s not just Kareena Kapoor they talk about, but also health tips, gym plans, fitness stories etc. Gone are those days when women shied away from talking about PMS. Its no longer a taboo, with them talking about it in right spirit. 17% women discuss about heart issues and share tips for a healthy heart. Breast cancer, cancer and thyroid are some of the other diseases they talk about.

Childcare / Parenting (5%)

Childcare & Parenting

Motherhood is the best gift especially reserved for women. Therefore, an enticing exchange of thoughts on this and parenting is bound to come in this list. 66 % women talk about pregnancy; share pregnancy tips, facts, stories and pregnancy related jokes. Exercising tops the chart of talks and of course, teenage parenting too!

These percentages might not have answered what women really want. However, they definitely give us an insight into what they like. It’s an open secret that every women dreams of her Adonis, living a happy life with him. But how? Discovering the answer for that is where the real joy is. Women are to be treasured.

They multitask every day regardless of the post they hold. As a mother, sister, friend, girlfriend, wife they play an inevitable part in our life. So, let’s push the pause button. Think and thank every woman in our life. Make them feel like queens.

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