Social Media Case Study: How INTEROP Mumbai 2013 Promoted the Event on Social Media

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INTEROP Mumbai  is an independently organized conference and exhibition designed to empower information technology professionals to take smart business decisions. For the last 4 years, IT professionals, business leaders and technology providers have gathered at INTEROP Mumbai to push the business of technology to new heights.

Continuing its tradition of hitting the Social media space, INTEROP MUMBAI 2013 saw a massive response on the social media space.


The event was promoted through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter extensively. Speakers session were promoted through Facebook and Twitter. The conference and the event was promoted through announcements which were sent in the Interop LinkedIn group in the last month leading to the event. The event was also promoted in other technology groups and Googleplus technology.

Interop Facebook Post

The salient feature of this year's INTEROP was special focus on the Facebook engagement. For this a special rock and roll zone was created. Visitors had to LIKE the Interop Mumbai page and post their pictures, clicked in the INTEROP Rock and ROLL zone, onto the INTEROP page. They also had to tag their friends in the picture.The person who got maximum likes on his pic was the IT Rock star.


This activity was promoted through social media and also through onsite branding and flyers.

Interop Facebook Post

interop mumbai 2013 twitter activity

On Twitter the event sessions of various speakers was promoted using handles of participating companies and speakers respectively.

interop mumbai 2013  twitter tweets

Exhibitors actively promoted their sessions on Twitter .

interop mumbai 2013  twitter retweets

The Twitter activity also promoted the event.

interop mumbai 2013 twitter activity event

This year also INTEROP Mumbai saw a live twitter screen. LED screen of the dimensions 8ft by 6ft was put up at the event.

interop mumbai 2013 event

The event was actively promoted on the LinkedIn Interop Group and other technology groups.

interop mumbai 2013 on linkedin


Visitors actively took to social media to announce their presence at INTEROP Mumbai.

Interop Facebook Post

Speakers and exhibitors also actively visited the Rock and Roll Zone. This video, by our distinguished speaker Sajid Akhtar, organizer, Openstack India user Group Manager - presales, Happiest Minds Technologies, reached 930 people.


Prizes were given to people who took to social media for Interop. Prizes included Wifi routers, Bluetooth headsets, power banks and pendrives.

interop mumbai 2013 event

 This activity resulted in a substantial increase in engagement (457% hike). Around 67 people joined on the days of the event.

interop mumbai 2013 page reach & post reach data

This activity was very well appreciated by the speakers as well as the visitors. For INTEROP, owing to the people tagging onto INTEROP page, the reach was about 7000 on Facebook. In the Month leading to Interop MUMBAI , there was hike in the number of followers – around 100 followers including several technology bloggers and major IT companies like IBM started following

INTEROP Mumbai page on Twitter

The three days of INTEROP MUMBAI saw to around 1432 tweets to #interop

interop mumbai 2013v twitter tweets

However totals tweets to INTEROP Mumbai  were 2038 and 1732 originated from India.

interop mumbai 2013

The Following tweets are only to #interop on the three days of INTEROP MUMBAI . (It does not include the tweets to other hashtags or keywords used by visitors and exhibitors)

interop mumbai 2013 geographic distribution


The Rock And Roll Zone was successful in creating the fun element and thereby helped in increasing engagement of new and existing fans on Facebook. The activity helped in attracting new fans to the Facebook page.

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