Social Media Case Study : How Grew its Facebook Community by 4 Times with Fun Content

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Social Media Case Study : How Grew its Facebook Community by 4 Times with Fun Content

Brand Name

Introduction is a one stop portal fast gaining a name as a brand that communicates through spoofs in a very unique, innovative and creative way.


The objective of this campaign is to reach out to all working professionals and build brand awareness in a new, engaging and effective way.


This campaign has been promoted  across multiple social media platforms namely Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube. The Campaign has caught the eye of numerous IT Professionals on various social media fronts.

ITChintu coffee breaks

The spoofs are made on the lifestyle of IT professionals and what goes in a typical IT professional's work life.Their spoofs are usually crafted on themes which are very common among working professionals.

 Facebook & WhatsApp: We received great response on Facebook, where our fan following went up to 4,600 from a meagre 1,200.

Our spoofs are crafted on themes like:

  • Appraisals
  • Issues over Leaves,bonus,hikes
  • Riposte between chintu(employee) and boss
  • Daily tasks ­ status report
  • IT Reality scenes: tasks like : filling timesheets
  • Lunch breaks, coffee breaks

YouTube is one essential platform that we are utilizing for the campaign. A Video depicting a typical IT hectic day is uploaded on Youtube, with the song "Khoon Choos Le" of Go Goa GOne fame as the background. The video depicts a typical hectic day in the life of an IT professional.

Why spoofs

Spoofs are a great tool for mass communication and expression. I have been reading authors like Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, and George Orwell and was amazed at the way they changed society's ideology through their thinly veiled satire. Be it George Orwell's Animal Farm, which was a sharp critique of the Russian Revolution, or just about  any picture spoof, they are a great medium for mass communication, and an especially powerful tool of expression.

Sometimes, it is their puns that do most of the talking, and they manage to convey what they say using the barest minimum of words.

If these tools are used in proper way they can serve the purpose of both entertaining people as well as questioning society's motives, which would serve to change the attitudes of people and motivate them towards a greater cause Here, I would like to say ­

"If a picture is worth Thousand words, a spoof is worth a thousand speeches!"

Impact of Campaign:

The impact of this campaign can be measured in terms of the social impact that it has affected, along with the brand awareness; The level of engagement is also to be noted. On the social front, after our campaign, our spoofs have resulted in a series of spontaneous laughs among professionals, who are undoubtedly liking them and enjoying them.

You can easily find bunch of people standing on the road side stalls near their offices, sharing phrases like "dude, you are being chintued !" or teasing their friends, saying  ­ "Chintu hai Kya?". It seems that "Chintued" has been added as a new verb in the IT Dictionary and these phrases has become the new parlance of IT professionals.

In terms of user engagement, our website is now being accessed by thousands of IT Professionals and we have reached to 14,000 registered users, 9,000 posted ads, and around 600 online transactions. Not only this, we received phenomenal responses from Facebook and our Facebook fan following has increased to more than 4,500 fans from just 1,200 fans.

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