Can Social Media Help Baul Musicians Spread Their Music to Tribal Kids?

Tata Capital Baul Musicians

Most of you would be already aware of our association with Tata Capital’s Do Right initiative where we are supporting the #HalfStories phase of the campaign.

To the uninitiated, Tata Capital’s Do Right initiative is a pan-India initiative encouraging people to build a better future both by inspiring people to ‘do right’ and by providing them the platforms to ‘do right’.

In our previous story, we fulfilled the #HalfStory at Megma by giving Chandrakumar blackboards and school supplies for his students.

Riding towards Shantiniketan in West Bengal, our Do Righter noticed 2 men on bicycles, with instruments he’d never seen before. Following them into their village and enquiring about their music led him to discover the next Half Story.

Tata Capital Baul Musicians

Spreading Music Among Tribal Kids

Mystic folk singers Sanjay Bhattacharya & Basudev Das Baul are known for their soul-stirring Baul music and their unique musical instruments. While Sanjay has been living a nomadic life since 15 years, Basudev runs a Baul music ashram in Shantiniketan.

They recently noticed that the students of the village are not really interested in studies, they go to school merely for the mid-day meals.

To make learning interesting for them, Sanjay & Basudev told the kids that they would teach them to play Baul music, if they would go to school in return. The kids have been attending school since a few months now and have been loving it, thanks to Sanjay Da’s efforts.

Watch their video here.

Fulfill Their Half Story

Seeing how Baul music has positively impacted the lives of these little kids, Sanjay & Basudev now want to take their music across villages; but they need our help for that.

In order to help them take their music to different villages, they need extra instruments. Let’s contribute to give them 2 Dotaras & 2 Guitars, worth Rs 11,000, so that they can keep their dream alive.

So, How Can You Help?

Contribute: Contribute any small amount that you feel like to help Sanjay & Basudev with 2 Dotaras & 2 Guitars. We are looking to raise a total of Rs 11,000 and you are most welcome to contribute your share by clicking here.

Share with your friends: We know you’re very active on social media! So why not share this story with all your friends and followers? Tweet, pin or share to ask people to read this story.

Music – the language of love, has the power to transform lives in different ways. It has changed the lives of the kids in Shantiniketan and with your help, Sanjay & Basudev can transform the lives of many such children in different locations.

They can spread Baul music to many villages. You can do right and be a part of this life-changing experience. Complete this Half Story with your donations or by sharing this story.