#ElectionTracker2014 Goes a Step Ahead; Will Now Track a Politician’s Social Media Activity Real Time


In mid march Social Samosa launched the MTS Election Tracker, with Konnect Social powering the data and Social Rajneeti being our knowledge partner. For the uninitiated, Election tracker is a live dashboard that showcases analysis of all conversations around the web and social media about political parties in a graphical form. The tracker provides Real-time data analysis. It collates data from across the web as well as social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube and tracks mentions of leading political parties & politicians and displays the data live in the form of bar graphs, pie charts etc.

Using the tracker we have also been reviewing the social media strategies of political parties and generating reports that can be read here.

Now, we present to you a newly introduced feature of Election Tracker with the tab of “Politician Dashboard”. This feature altogether presents a different angle of the story, directly from a party representative’s viewpoint.

election tracker politicians

The politician dashboard allows you to view a politician’s activity on various platforms, his engagement with the followers, and the number of mentions that he has been receiving over the period of time. The real-time data and a graphical representation of the said person’s activity is just a click away. It keeps a rightful track of the online efforts of the politicians and also reflects the sentiments that the top websites and media houses hold against them.

With the deciding day approaching hard and fast, a sneak peek into this dashboard is bound to clear a lot of air on how the political bigwigs make an initiative to connect with the masses and try to outwit each other on the virtual platform.

Keep yourself glued to our #ElectionTracker2014 for the latest insights and in-depth analysis of your favorite political personality.