[Infographic] #Twee20 – Reliance Mobile reimagined Twenty20 as a Twitter Contest & Generated 88 Million Impressions


Reliance Mobile, the Global Partner of ICC World Twenty20 2014, teamed up with its digital agency, World Wide Open to create the longest-running Twitter contest, aptly titled, Twee20. The objective was to recreate the fast-paced experience of Twenty20 online for the brand’s social media fans. In order to deliver more value for the fans, the brand also announced that the top 10 winners would be rewarded with autographed cricket merchandise.

How it worked 

From 24th March – 6th April, every day the brand’s Twitter handle, @RelianceMobile tweeted cricket-related MCQs. Each question had a certain no. of runs assigned to it. The users simply needed to use #Twee20 and respond with the correct answer option. Once that was done, a back-end system maintained a leaderboard of the players with the highest no. of runs.


  • 88 Million Impressions (14 days)

Would cost approximately INR 9 million if acquired via paid media on the portal of India’s leading sports channel. Equals the number of impressions garnered by India’s oldest cricket portal in the same period.

That’s approximately 80% more than the number of impressions garnered by one of India’s leading news portals in the same period.

  • Reach – 4.9 Million

That’s 27% of the total online audience in India that consumes sport.

  • 30,987 Mentions

300% more than the sum of mentions received by Reliance Mobile’s top 5 competitors in the same period.

  • 14,038 RTs

37% more than those of the competitor with the highest no. of RTs in the same period.

  • Engagement – 46,159 Tweets

20% more than those of the competitor with the highest quantum of engagement in the same period.

  • 400%

The increase in Reliance Mobile’s SIM score caused by the wave of positive sentiment around the brand. The increase helped R COM achieve its highest SIM score in the last six months.

  • 200%

The increase in the subscriptions of various value-added services like Mobile TV, MyTunes and other cricket-related packs.

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