[Report] Analysis of Digital Conversations in BFSI Industry

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Apr 08, 2014 04:30 IST
New Update
Young BFSI

The New "Young India series'" latest report on the BFSI Industry revealed that stocks, mutual funds and insurance were key areas of discussion for citizens across the country constituting 31%, 28% and 22% respectively. The report, based on research by ThoughtBuzz, the social media analytics’ arm of TO THE NEW, analyzed digital conversations around banking, financial services, and insurance sectors.

With the deadline to file tax returns fast approaching, conversations on social networks have been buzzing with netizens discussing multiple tax saving options and benefits from various investments.The results on their report revealed that 58% of the discussion on tax had a neutral tone, with 35% being positive while only 7% of the tonality was negative.

A majority of the netizens discussed stocks and equities, with three out of every 10 investors showing an interest in related news and posts. After stocks, mutual funds garnered interest with netizens enquiring, comparing, and seeking advice about investments and growth calculations while Insurance was the third key topic discussed.

Among those talking about insurance, around 20% citizens considered insurance primarily as an investment instrument while 14% were actual investors inquiring about tax saving benefits. Citizens were also seen discussing various kinds of insurance schemes to invest in such as General, Life, and Health Insurance.

Within the banking sub-domain, around 34% of the total discussions were related to loans and netizens showed major concerns regarding complicated banking policies and documentation. A lot of people were of the opinion to redefine banking norms to make monetary transactions smooth and easy.

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