Social Media Agency Feature: First Show, A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency


Who are we?

When three friends immersed in the fantasies of the digital world come together, a spark flashes. 2012 was the year when the spark bore its first light, and First Show was born. Set in the warmth of the city of Hyderabad, First Show is a full service digital marketing agency.

From a trio to a team of over 12 people now, we are a group of passionate brand strategists, campaign designers, media enthusiasts, bloggers, content curators, tech geeks, mind boggling designers and most importantly, marketeers at heart!

The team specializes in providing digital marketing solutions, brand strategy and social media marketing.

first show

What’s in the name?

We are First Show and our tagline is ‘Irrationally Digital’.

The ‘first show’ of a movie is often what makes it or breaks it. First impressions are what last forever, and we believe in creating those everlasting impressions for clients we work with. We work with movies and brands and that’s one more reason why we chose it!

We, at First Show, don’t just ‘do’ digital work, but eat, sleep, love, breathe and believe in every inch of what we do. With passions of such magnitude, you can no longer be rational about what you do! That’s where the irrationality factor comes into play and drives us at jet speed with crazy ideas, out of the box thoughts, loads of quirkiness and we often forget the existence of any boundaries of your thoughts!

What we do?

We are deep divers in the seas of Social, Web and Mobile, and our strength lies in our ideas!

We love doing

  • Brand strategy and communication design
  • Digital Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Outdoor/In-store activations
  • Web development and SEO
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital Media Advertising (Social, Web and Mobile)

Why we do it?

We are a generation that just saw the roots of digitization take shape. Unknowingly, we evolved from analog to digital watches, keypad – black & white phones to smart phones. We saw our desktops shrinking into ultra books, and we probably do not remember the last time we properly wrote with a pen! With so much of change inherently happening within and around us, digital has become a part of our souls.  When we realized this, we fell in love with the transformation and were amazed at the thought of the transformation which we could bring into the world around us, and thus our Agency was born!

How  we evolve?

As they say, listening is an art. Interpreting what you listen, processing what you know, topping it up what they like and suggesting what’s best for them is a mark of artistry! Everything we do is based on our combination of conversations, a hidden science of marketing, a dash of our understanding of consumer insights, with a very clever icing of creativity!

We evolve with every tweet, every Facebook post and every bit of news that’s happening around the world. This helps us stay updated on the possibilities that we can explore and thereby catch up and (sometimes) even stay ahead of the times!

Social responsibility in social media

We have a belief grounded in our hearts that we at all times have to be true to the work we do. As a part of the digital fraternity, we are responsible and focus on adding value to the people we converse with as well as our clients. If the need arises, we are brave enough to talk to the client if the path they choose would lead to an undesirable result. We strongly believe that we are hired for our solutions, our insights and not just for our services.

We have this at the back of our minds at all times and if every agency shares the same ideology, the digital world would be a much better place to live in! With a medium so powerful being wielded by us, it lies in our utmost spirits to be responsible while talking to people!

Need of the hour

Deliver value to all the stakeholders- The clients, employees and most importantly, the people we are talking to.

It’s important that we, as digital agencies, earn more respect, and this can happen only when we deliver value (lots of it) to the client. This also helps clients ‘trust’ the digital agencies more, which, in turn, allows us to push our limits and do stuff that’s more innovative and creative.

Also, it’s time everyone realized the amount of effort that goes into doing what we are doing.

Also, this helps the clients increase the budget and the importance for digital, thus, helping the digital ecosystem!

We learned the hard way

When we started off, we had no big names to fall back on, no contacts and no past work. All we had was passion and our ideas. We took these ideas and went to people. We used to give the prospective client a digital media strategy and a plan right in our first meeting! This approach has really helped and even today, when we go for a pitch, the company profile and our past work is only 20% and the remaining 80% is our research and strategies for that client!

What we’ve learned the hard way is that passion, ideas, value driven approach alone work and everything else is secondary.

Did we just share that?

One client we pitched on had asked us to come up with a competitive analysis, campaign ideas, a 3 month plan and a media strategy for his brand. We worked on it for a couple of sleepless nights and presented it to him and he never got back. After some days, we realized he was doing whatever we gave in our plan, on his own. We were happy in a way, that he found whatever we told him useful.

Needless to say, a month later he came back to us and asked us to manage his digital campaign for him for he was unable to execute the blueprint that we gave him. We returned him a big grin and got down to work!

They work with us

We work with some of the leading production houses and brands based out of Hyderabad. Lot Mobiles, Big C Mobiles, Annapurna studios, 14 Reels entertainment, Aditya Music, Zippr are some of our clients. We’ve also worked with UTV and Reliance entertainment on some projects.

Industry as we foresee

As the days progress, digital media is going to eat a larger pie out of the entire media strategy. We see a day that is not too far, when digital media is going to take the driver’s seat and all other forms of media are going to complement it. Unknowingly, we are already a part of this digital shift. Every campaign that runs online is promoted by all other forms of outdoor media.  With ongoing efforts from the technology world to take internet to the entire world, digital communication is going to have a spell-binding impact on the entire world

Also, the approach is going to be more value driven and result-oriented than just counting the reach of Facebook likes.

A day without Internet

Is just another day for us! We’d spend it by having brain storming sessions to come up with new ideas and campaigns! But, another day without the internet, and all hell would break loose!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Hell, yeah!

Social media strategists, branding enthusiasts, web developers, copywriters, visualizers and anyone who’s passionate, smart and has common sense – WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU!