Social Media Case Study: How MTS Used a Wi-Fi Bin To Reach 20 Million+ People Across Social Media

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MTS India

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Brandmovers India


The Bacardi NH7 Weekender is an emergent music festival in India and also the biggest when it comes to independent music in the country. Every year thousands of music lovers throng the festival and seeing their attendance is not just an event, but also a memory in itself. It’s the hub of young, enthusiastic people who are perpetually connected to the web and it’s the exact audience that MTS wants to reach out to.

Music, cheer, food, alcohol and an overdose of fun were the essential elements of the NH7 Weekender making it the happiest music festival, but after all that merrymaking it inevitably turned towards becoming the dirtiest as well. People usually do not care much about waste disposal and at an event like this they were more inclined to care less. What we wanted to do was to target not just the people but a pattern of behavior that could be changed.


MTS Wi-Fi B in

Keeping our challenge in mind, the MTS Wi-Fi Bin was installed at each of the festival venues spread across the cities of Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata as an initiative to keep the premises clean. The Wi-Fi Bin gave free Wi-Fi access to anyone using it by flashing a code every time garbage was disposed in it.

People could use the MTS 3GPlus Wi-Fi connection for free throughut the entire duration of the festival and stay connected with their social circle online, instantly sharing their experiences at the festival. This was incentive enough for people to keep the premises clean, thereby turning the festival to be not just the biggest or the happiest, but also perhaps the cleanest in the country.


The Wi-Fi bin was used by more than 10,000 people with 200 GB of data downloaded and more than 20 million + people reached across Social Media.

MTS Wi-Fi B in

The number of happy faces at the festival rose higher with every city sharing their happy experiences at the happiest music festival across Social Media powered by MTS 3GPlus WI-FI, and most importantly, we helped keep the festival clean.