Can Social Media Help Girls of Dooars Realize Their Football Dream?

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Most of you would be already aware of our association with Tata Capital’s Do Right initiative where we are supporting the #HalfStories phase of the campaign.

To the uninitiated, Tata Capital’s Do Right initiative is a pan-India initiative encouraging people to build a better future both by inspiring people to ‘do right’ and by providing them the platforms to ‘do right’.

While some people are cynical about social media and how it can influence our society, many others believe in the platform and its potential to bring about a real change. In this context, the #HalfStories campaign of Tata Capital’s Do Right initiative is a shining example of adding real value to people’s lives by harnessing social media. An initiative we are proud to be associated with.

After helping the villagers of Raghurajpur with a website where they can sell their artworks, we are back with our next Half Story and we are sure you will again help to complete it  with your valuable contributions!

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Looking for his next Half-story, our Do Righter came across a group of young girls in Dooars working together at a tea stall. The reason behind their endeavour turned out to be far more motivating than it originally seemed. We discovered that these girls are a part of a local football team with ambitions to make it big in the world of sports.

They earn money from the stall by selling tea and rotis and use it to buy their own sports equipment. These amazing players, one of them has even played at the national level, have not been able to gather enough support from society and family members. But against all these hardships, they are driven to play for their country one day.

Can Social Media help them?

Watch Their Story Below

Fulfill Their Dream

In order to help these talented girls achieve their goal, Tata Capital is looking to raise an amount of Rs. 16,500/- from social media users; because they believe in the potential of this powerful medium.

This money will help them purchase their kit and footballs to practice with. These efforts will ensure that they do not lack basic equipment and thus will help them to focus on their game and future better.

So How Can You Help?

Be Generous. Donate: For long you have read stories that have tugged your heart. How about being a part of fulfilling it? If you can donate any amount of money from your wallet (no matter how big or small), you are more than welcome to do so by clicking here.

Share The Story: The reach of social media is such that it can spread the news like wildfire. Wouldn’t it be a good idea if you helped this talented bunch of young girls achieve their dream by sharing their story? Tweet, pin or share to ask people to read their story.

We believe in the potential of social media and know for a fact that you all will definitely chime in and help these girls.