Social Media Tool Feature: Fan Harvest – A Tool That Helps Brands Find Loyal Fans

fan harvest

About Fan Harvest

Latest this week is a brand new tool that comes out of a start-up from Founder’s Institute, Georgia, USA: Fan Harvest.

Fan Harvest is a tool that helps you find loyal fans for your product or service via Facebook pages.

What does fan harvest do?

Fan Harvest is a service for professional digital marketers, and it’s used for advertising on Facebook. The team plans on pushing out support for Twitter and Instagram by the first half of 2015. Fill up your information here to be updated on Twitter updates.

Fan Harvest, is a tool that takes in a Facebook page Id and time frame as an input, removes important information from Facebook API pertaining to that page Id, and gives you a list of genuine Facebook User Id’s that can be directly uploaded to Facebook for creating a custom audience for advertisement.

What are some features of Fan Harvest?

  • Analyse one or more Facebook pages.
  • Analyse content posted on the page.
  • Profile users based on their engagement behaviour. Fake users and non-interacting fans are ignored at this stage.
  • Report those users that are most likely to interact with your content
  • Export the data in a .CSV file to create a custom audience for targeting them through Facebook.
  •  See at what time most fans are online
  • See what type of content (Link, Status, Photograph etc.) has worked for you or your competitors

How is it any different than the other social tools?

Well firstly, FH is one of the only tools that DOES NOT scrape information out of web, FH works on what is called as Open Source Information which means any and every information on the internet that is publicly available will be used for analysis without crossing the legal boundaries. FH runs timely checks on all acquired information to keep things up to date as per Facebook and general privacy policies, thereby making it a data system to fall in the “Clean” category. 

What analytics support does Fan Harvest provide?

Instead of providing traditional analytics support, Fan Harvest provides actionable information for digital marketers. Fan Harvest tells Facebook advertisers whom to target and what ad content will likely draw engagement from the targeted audience. That is why professional digital marketers love Fan Harvest. It helps marketers drive engagement with information that’s easy to understand and which can put to use.

It can be as simple as collecting information from the way Facebook followers interact with your strategic content posts. For instance, we know that followers who liked and commented on the post you see below have worked on the weekend, because they responded to the prompt. Fan Harvest can target the 86 followers below for an effective follow-up ad engagement that speaks to their pain point of working on business accounts over the weekend.


Does it give an option to download reports?

Yes, absolutely!  At Fan Harvest, users can download their first custom audience report for free. If you need additional reports, you can download them on demand for a fee, or subscribe to regular downloads

What kind of sentiment analysis does it do and how accurate is it?

Fan Harvest does not provide traditional sentiment analysis: instead, we provide the actual sentiment!  Fan Harvest shows digital marketers which content draws the most engagement within a selected audience.



What’s the algorithm for sentiment analysis?

The secret sauce is that Fan Harvest ranks and orders Facebook users and their engagement by likes, comments, shares and other social activity. Users who post comments tend to be very engaged, and are likely to click on an ad as long as it is relevant to the posts they comment on regularly.

What are the brands and agencies that are using this tool?

Fan Harvest is a powerful tool that digital markets can use against their competitors. For this reason, they do not publicly disclose the brands that utilize the tool. If you use Fan Harvest, we keep it confidential for your benefit.

Pricing and Packages

Pricing plans and packages are initially free of charge while you try out the tool and get a feel for the way Fan Harvest works. Paid plans and packages range from $99 for one custom audience report to $6000 for 100 custom audience reports.

Road Map

Fan Harvest will become a full life-cycle service for social media advertising. Our clients are asking us to become full service, and we want to help them and support their social media advertising campaigns.

The Team

Founders Dinesh Agarwal and Jay Moran met as students at Georgia State University in 2012.  Jay was a computer information systems student with an idea for a start-up. He needed the help of computer science doctorate candidate and ethical hacker, Dinesh. The two teamed up to work on software services together, including a textbook trading website named David Uram, from Ontario, Canada, joined Dinesh and Jay as a business developer in 2014. Shortly after, the team embarked most recently on their newest venture, Fan Harvest.

Marketing Team in India consists of Nikhil & Arjun from Cosmodea Digital Services, Mumbai. Who would be more than happy to help you walk through the sign up process?