[Report] Top Indian Brands on Social Media in March 2014


Brands in India are catering to a young, aspirational crowd that has more freedom, wealth and exposure than all the generations before them. Campaigns in India often play on emotion to get the message across with cricket and Bollywood still forming the basis of most successful campaigns. When it comes to social media, the objective is to be interactive and guess what infallible technique brings in interactions all the time, especially in India. Contests, of course! For any industry, for any type of campaign, contests seem to be the easiest and the most effective conversation starter.

In March, Axis Bank, Samsonite, Toyota and Hit Insect Repellent ran different contests, and they all engaged above the average of their sector. Sunsilk took the Bollywood route and tied up with the movie ‘2 States’ to promote its newest shampoo. Their video “Ananya Invites you” received over 400,000 views in less than a month. Another trend that currently seems to be very successful on YouTube is tutorials. Nikon created a series of D-SLR tutorials and the videos are now one of the top 10 most viewed in the brand’s channel.

This report is a compilation of the most successful, most engaging and most innovative campaigns that brands have run on social media in the last month. Take a look at what brands actually did to make them successful.

[Report] Top Indian Brands on Social Media in March 2014 by Social Samosa