Top 5 Indian Social Media Campaigns of January 2014

Nirali Hingwala
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Top 5 Indian Social Media Campaigns January 2014

2014 kicked off with some really interesting campaigns that managed to capture our attention. Here are our top 5 choices of the most interesting social media campaigns of January 2014.

Trends 2014 by Infosys

infosys trends 2014

It was that time of the year when experts made out predictions about what the New Year holds in store for their respective fields, and in the same vein, Infosys was here with Trends 2014 – an integrated campaign which enlists trends across various sectors in Business and Technology.

The campaign highlights game changing trends which are of consequence to the company and to help enterprises know what to expect in 2014, thereby giving them an edge. Trends 2014 is featured on the homepage of Infosys’s website, anchored by a video that introduces the thirteen sectors of Business and Technology (Retail, Banking, Cloud, Big Data, to name a few) which have been assessed to predict the trends relevant to the industry and the sectors that Infosys operates in.

The trends have been presented in more than one way on the website, with infographics, videos, trend cards, blogs etc. for each sector. With eleven ‘Tweetchats’ being conducted within a period of 16 days and clocking in at 3,000 tweets, Infosys has created quite an extensive level of awareness amongst enterprises and has shared with them a fair idea of trends to watch out for.

With innovative and useful content, coupled with strong opportunities to interact with some of the most experienced thought leaders on social media platforms, this campaign is definitely top notch.

Click here to know more about this campaign

Enchantment of Mumbai! Philip’s Magical Touch!

Philips Lighting MumbaiInANewLight

January 24, 2014 imprinted itself in the history of Mumbai, for turning the city more beautiful with the special LED lighting of the Gateway of India, by Philips. A truly special way to celebrate 100 year old monument! Mumbai embarked on its new journey towards a better, more beautiful and stronger city, symbolising the true nature of Mumbai residents. Philips, joining with MTDC (Maharashtrian Tourism, Development & corporation) has enlivened the city with its “Mumbai in new light” theme.

It was not just about big numbers like having 16 million shades of lights adorning the monument, 2 crore being the budget, 132 light points being marked, energy efficiency of 60%  etc. It is much more. To give the event a more personal touch, Philips made a clichéd yet exciting use of letting people participate through social media. It introduced apps on Facebook that let the users illuminate the monument and offered exciting goodies to the best innovations, using the timeline likes as criteria. An interesting way of publicising isn’t it?

See how Philips India enthralls the social media sphere with #MumbaiInANewLight campaign.

Myntra’s Shoppable Hangout

Myntra Shoppable hangout Hritik

Google gave a new dimension to e-commerce by introducing Asia's first shoppable hangout in January, where people could chat and shop online simultaneously. Hrithik Roshan became the X factor of this novel trend by associating himself with the entire activity. Myntra had managed to get the trend viral by conducting contests in two parts online and fifteen winners from first contest, relished their personally autographed Hrithik's poster.

Though there were apprehension regarding the execution of entire concept, the sales and 2500+ hangout users in first few hours, got rid of all the doubts. Hrithik's line of casual wear brand HRX was definitely the show stealer though the other wears showcased by models were equally attracting.

One noticeable fact is that Google and myntra shot up with unprecedented fame after their shoppable hang out!! Was it a complete success? Answer and opinions vary from person to person. But it was definitely new and anything new is exciting isn't it?

HDFC's Where I Belong

HDFC where I belong

HDFC Bank had created an application “Where I Belong”, which gives users a sneak peek into a future full of amazing travel experiences and is aimed at showing them where they ‘belong’. The app solicits answers from the users to a set of questions related to their preferences.

Based on the options selected, users are presented with a futuristic version of their own timeline which goes all the way from 2014 to 2018, replete with pictures and videos of exciting travel experiences shared.

The campaign has made use of the timeline feature of Facebook very well. Since the HDFC Diners Club International Credit Card offers special privileges for travelers, the theme has been integrated in an excellent way in the campaign. Customization of content, both in terms of the user’s preferences and realistic comments on the posts make the journey more believable for the user. Read more about the campaign.

Asian Heart Institute’s Fit to Run Campaign

Asian hearts social media campaign

Asian Hearts Institute (AHI), a cardiac care centre in Mumbai launched a campaign #Fit2RunHearts which aimed at highlighting the perfectly normal condition a cardiac patient develops after being treated at the centre. The hospital emphasized on the fact that heart patients become fit to even run a Marathon, connecting it with the upcoming Mumbai Marathon

It is interesting to see heart patients being encouraged to run the marathon. The campaign spreads a message about encouraging fitness and health among online users.

Stories of runners have been promoted and this gives a very emotional angle to the entire brand.


Be it the fit to run campaign or “Mumbai In A New Light” event, one common stream for all these events, is the way they occupied users' mindspace using their strongest weapon, social media. It’s crazy to imagine if these would have gotten noticed in absence of these factors.

It’s just so incredible how these brands use their resources to strike the chord right. Way to go! Much more to come!

What do you think about these campaigns? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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