Twitter Rolls Out the New Profile Look

New Update

So what’s new! It is the new web profile that Twitter has started rolling out to its users. But wait, does it not resemble the fellow networking site Facebook? Yes it does!

Like Facebook like Twitter?

The header’s width is replaced by the cover photo’s width on Facebook. The content is underneath in three columns, the left column features the followers and photos, the middle one shows tweets and the right column is for recommendations and trends.

twitter 1

This new update not only allows the users to customize their profile with their favorite tweets but also a wide profile image  and a wider cover photo, which is the header of the page. Users are now able to pin their favorite tweets on top of their pages, so that the followers come to know who you are and what are you all about.

Your tweets which have more engagement will appear a little larger than your other tweets so that the best content is easy to find for followers.


twitter 2

To make it more user friendly while viewing someone else’s timeline, Twitter has filtered the tweets such as: tweets, tweets with photos/videos, tweets or replies. At first this setup was available only to a small number of users but we have seen the number of users increase in this week. And the new users, well obviously the next generation because who doesn't use twitter these days, will have this feature already.

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