Social Media Tool Review: PostSpringr Promises To Boost Your Engagement Rate On Facebook


“Content is king” – Every social media marketer

Every one of us has heard this phrase innumerable number of times and have nodded in agreement. And it is true… to some extent. A piece of content is only as good as the reception it gets from people. The more the number of people engage with it, the better. Which is why content marketing and engagement are equally crucial for a piece of content to go places.

But creating content that engages a huge number of people is not an easy task. You need to understand the pulse of your audience and their behaviour. You will need to know what entices them to interact with your updates.

This is where PostSpringr attempts to bridge the gap between interesting content and engagement. The tool helps you come up with the best content which is loved by your audience. Presently, PostSpringr is available only for Facebook but I believe they will soon expand to other platforms, because that is what every community manager needs!

I took PostSpringr for a spin and here’s the account of my experience with the tool:

The Dashboard

The dashboard is clean and has very few elements. I chose the Facebook pages I handle and pretty soon, the dashboard was updated with engagement stats of my page. The interface has very few elements; helping you focus on things that matter. There are no bells and whistles to waste your time with.

The interface has 4 key sections:

  •  Engagement Predictor
  •  Content Creator
  •  Competition Tracker
  •  Content Discoverer

Engagement Predictor

This is the section that I am sure any community manager will fall in love with. All you need to do is to create an update (text, or image), click on expected engagement.

Engagement Estimator and Recommender

The tool is able to predict the expected number of likes, shares and comments for that piece of content before posting. The tool will also then offer recommendations in terms of changes in the content that will drive more likes, comments or shares for that update.

By getting an estimate of the interaction PostSpringr helps you come up with updates that can generate more interaction from your audience.

How does it evaluate engagement?

Its technology (which I am told is pending patent) helps optimize the content/posts for maximum engagement based on multiple factors including content type, fan demographics, historical engagement patterns and post type. It leverages Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to understand the content and estimate the expected response by constituting over 100 variables unique for each brand page.

Monitoring audience apart from just content is another aspect where it excels. Facebook insights gives you a limited amount of data, and certainly doesn’t help you come up with kickass content. PostSpringr maps your audience and ensures that you come up with content that is best suited for them.

Competition Informer

While engagement for your brand is imperative, equally important is to keep an eye out for what your competitor is doing. The tool allows you to add Facebook pages of up to 5 competitors so that you can track the posts shared by your competitors and the interaction they receive in real-time.

Competition by postspringr

Allowing you to track the top posts, PTAT number and the community size, it helps you stay one step ahead of them. And since you can monitor their posts and engagement, you can keep a close watch on their content threads and interactions.

Adding of brands was a breeze and within 24 hours I started receiving all stats in real-time. Definitely a great value-add.

Content Discoverer

Also noteworthy is the addition of a Content Discoverer panel which lets you come across interesting content that you can share with your audience. We all know how difficult it is to generate ideas for creating content for social media on a daily basis. And that is where the Content Discoverer aims to help you.

You can add relevant blogs, sites and their RSS feeds to get a stream of content. If you like sharing links on your page, you can do that directly. If you don’t, this stream gives you enough inspiration to create fresh stories. Making your content bank preparation process easier, right?

Summary of Page Stats

Initially, I dismissed it off as a filler. But it’s nice to have several crucial stats in front of your eyes. Stats such as Average likes, comments, shares and reach are far more concrete datasets that the PTAT number.

Scope for improvement

There’s no doubt that the tool is a boon for a community managers. It will definitely help in coming up with better updates. But I feel PostSpringr can add more benefits to improve the user experience.

I would love to see it going beyond Facebook. Platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest are growing in popularity and I would love to know how I can create the best content for these platforms.

Also, the tool was a little slow in my 1st they need to move to faster servers. trial. The 2nd trial was smooth however. May be

Why You Should Give PostSpringr a Try

To be honest, most of the brands out there have a terrible engagement rate. And having a tool which understands your content and your audience can only be a boon.

Content is another aspect where most of the brands lack. They fail to understand the pulse of their audience and come up with content that is boring and monotonous. PostSpringr can be of good help in that aspect.

Moreover, it will reduce the dependency on people to guesstimate the interaction.


I am happy to see a no frills tool which is minimalistic and is focused only towards only one goal: help brands create engaging content. If it helps you build a buzzing community, then it should be definitely worth a try.