Agency Spotlight: Propaganda India – Hot Social Media Job Openings At The Agency

This article is published under our Agency Spotlight feature. The Agency under Spotlight for this month is Propaganda India.

As our “Agency Spotlight” Hot Social Media Jobs Openings for this month, showcasing Propaganda India, a digital creative and social agency that has been working with companies and brands like, Google India and HDFC Life.

The current openings which can be applied for at Propaganda are mentioned with job details below. 

1. Any animator can make pictures move. We want one who can move people.

So, you like to move it, move it? And no, we’re not talking about your booty. We are talking animation. And since we know animators, we also know that by now, you must be quite agitated looking at all this boring static text. We’re feeling rather intimidated, that when agitated, you’ll get animated.

So we’ll cut right to the chase. You need to.

  • Be Good at sketching
  • Know Character designing
  • Know Basic design software
  • Know After Effects and also,
  • Know Adobe Premier

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2. Neither our Creative Directors nor our Business Director will execute your babies.
(They’d rather let you do it yourself)

Are you a creative person or an artistic one? If you are, you’ll completely understand what we mean when we say that ‘your idea is your baby’. Yes siree! You sired it didn’t you (sorry ladies, no offence meant… We used ‘sired’ as a generic word. Somewhat like mankind).

Just in case you are neither creative nor artistic , but have stumbled thus far, please see * below.

And any creative or artistic person with an ounce of pride would definitely like to be involved in every step of the creative process. Who wouldn’t? You have spent who knows how many minutes, hours, days, weeks or months it took for you to finally manage to grab that elusive big idea (which was prancing around like a deer on speed). At last you have it, your Eureka! Moment, Your very own baby. (Caution: Resist the temptation that Archimedes succumbed to. )

We don’t mean the-yelling-of -Eureka! bit’. You can do that as much as you like. If ‘Eureka!’ is not enough try a Eubanumati or Eushruti, Swetha whatever. But refrain from jogging through the streets like good old Archi.

And since it was your baby, idea or Eureka! Moment, you want to be involved in it right through to completion.

In certain agencies, studios, conventional ad agencies or otherwise, that’s plain wishful thinking. Because in almost every agency, there inevitably are some senior creeps who’ll simply pluck the still germinating germ of your idea and… Well, execute it. And in a way even you won’t recognize it. In other words, imagine you drop a baby boy at a crèche in the morning and they give you back a girl in the evening insisting it is the same boy.

We’re Propaganda India. We are currently looking out for an Art Director (Digital) who is good at ideation, execution and have the passion to see his baby right through to completion. Get moving.

You must be adept at Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. In other words a person who can capture and communicate all 446 words in this ad (at least, it’s not the customary thousand) into a picture.

*Ah, my dear friends who are neither creative nor artistic, what are you doing here? Feel free to shut down this page or tab and continue with your search. We’re guessing that you were probably looking for Society of Samosas and not The Social Samosa. Search engines have a very bizarre sense of tumour.
Did you meanhumour?

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3. We’re Looking For A Herdsman OR Herdswoman of Sorts.
(More Popularly(Tragically?)Known as: Social Media Manager)

Humans are known as social animals. And can be broadly categorized into two distinct subspecies (if you are a stickler for Latin and Linnaeus). Though a little hazy, it might be phylum or chordate or… Well, listen here Latin and sticklers… Go to hell. Both of them are dead.

And those of you,who do understand, please continue with your perusal.

Well, getting back to the whole classification or categorization bit. They are broadly two types:

  • Some of them are more animal than social
  • While there others, who are just vice versa

And no prize for guessing which of the two is more prevalent. We are Propaganda India. Professionally, we are a heady mix of dreamers and doers. And we aim to kick some anatomical parts which most people would shudder to have a heart-to-heart with their mummies.

We’re bloody passionate about our business. And our motto: Evolve. Every second.

Of course we don’t just hire anyone who waltzes in.” We are looking for someone with pizzazz or elan. Someone who can perfectly harmonize strategic thinking, talent, creativity and of course, a modicum of madness will be a huge plus.

What we need is a groovy cyber herdsman who knows his or her way round the mazes and take above mentioned social animals on the trip of their lives.

As the Social Herdsman you’ll:
Manage the social media handles of various brands and help increase earned media for the brands you handle

  • You should be a person who conceptualizes, in sync with the digital consumer and their trends, be able to differentiate between the several subcultures both Indian and globally
  • Know what exactly where the bracket of the word ‘youth’ begins and ends. And what do you speak to them. Speak their lingo and converse at their level. And can execute social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ etc.
  • Leverage the success achieved in mainline/display on social media
  • Help build conversations around the brand and generate positive eWOM

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