A Digital agency’s assets are its people. No matter how old the agency is, what the history of the agency has been, they can stay true to delivering awesome work only if they are able to acquire and retain good employees. Experience Commerce has invested their energy in an interesting campaign to get the right guys on board. Here’s a look at what they have done.


EC has created a campaign called ‘Mission Hiring’ to fill 30 positions within 60 days. Their landing page starts with the campaign explanation in a quirky storytelling manner.

The basic plot is that their HR team seems to have gone missing just when they wanted to hire 30 people, hence the managers have taken up the mantle to fill their respective team positions.

mission hiring

This is followed by videos of the managers of all divisions- copy, art, tech, planning, content, account management and ‘I m in’ teams.

Account Management Team

This campaign communication is extended to their website home page with a footer banner and on their social platforms.

They are also advertising on Facebook to promote the campaign.

Experience Commerce Mission Hiring

Experience Commerce – Mission Hiring


  • The video editing and treatment given to the videos is brilliant.
  • The videos are shot in the office with active involvement of their employees.
  • The videos are tied in with each other.
  • A 360* dedicated approach is adopted to push out the communication through all online channels.

Scope of Improvement

  • Some scripts could have been better; it does not leave you on the extreme end of any emotion, like humor, surprise, motivation, etc.
  • The videos might be a tad too long.
  • What the HR team does is a lot more than just hiring at an organization, I am probably not the one most convinced with the thought of positioning them as missing!
  • If there are 30 odd open positions, it could have been projected as a wave of new projects lined up due to some great work done in the past.


EC has done some great work in the past; and these videos could have been used as a source to present them. They do not mention any of their past campaigns or clients that they have worked for.

The effort put into the campaign is laudable and given the effort needed these days to acquire good talent in the industry, it is worth going the extra mile!

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