Gillette Integrates #MyRoleModel With Its TVC To Drive Conversations On Social Media

Gillette Drives Conversation Social Media

Gillette, which has been a leading men’s brand, has launched a brand new TVC with the hash-tag #MyRoleModel incorporated in the last frame. Rahul Dravid, who is the male lead of the advertisement and also the brand ambassador, thanks his father for being his true model. In the ad, we see a young boy learning the important lesson from his father about how every hit makes an individual stronger and thanks him for being his true role model.

The TVC has further been customized on their Youtube Channel, incorporating the hash-tag throughout the video and inviting viewers to tweet their role model story with #MyRoleModel.

Consumers have already begun tweeting.

#MyRoleModel 2 #MyRoleModel 3 #MyRoleModel

Integration of Twitter Hashtags with TVCs

The second screen phenomenon caught up with the Indian users in the last one year when most of the TV shows started promoting interaction on Twitter and Facebook by flashing hash-tags between prime time to drive conversations. However, TVCs and hoardings were only using minuscule space to promote social profiles up until now. With Gillette using its TVC to promote social interactions, this should become the next big trend in the TVC space, with Gillette leading the change.

It is a good attempt by the brand to tailor the TVC on Youtube, according to the needs of online media.

Emotional Advertising

The TVC is directed at viewers, binding them emotionally via a common experience of having role models. Emotion in advertising immediately resonates with the viewer. In India, we are deeply attached to our parents or those who we look up to. A father figure is of utmost importance yet not spoken about enough. However, given a chance, people would love to talk about him and this is where Gillette comes in the picture as a driver of change. Gillette intends to facilitate conversations about fathers from their own kin and by doing so, give fathers the limelight they truly deserve, a first of its kind initiative by any FMCG brand in this space.

#MyRoleModel emotionally charges the viewers and evokes a sudden willingness to tweet/post about experiences of their role model. In this sense, the Gillette ad is truly creating a media multiplier effect.

User Generated Content

Gillette has also simultaneously launched a blogging activity on Blogadda. Bloggers can share stories about their favorite role model with #MyRoleModel in the form of text blogs of up to 300 words. 100 chosen bloggers from these entries will get a chance to shoot a video blog for the brand. This way, Gillette is creating lots of user generated content. This will bring to the brand unique perspectives from various users as well as create a recall value in the minds of these users.

With brands such as Gillette launching a TVC and customizing it on Youtube, where they want to connect directly with the consumer, extending such conversations on social media is the best thing to do. This is a powerful way of bridging the gap between a brand and the consumer.