Social Media Agency Feature: Briefkase- Inbound Marketing & Consulting Services


Who are we?

We’re BriefKase. And no, we do not operate out of one! We offer Inbound Marketing & Consulting Services for small businesses & start-ups.

At Briefkase, we believe that remarkable marketing is a great product or an awesome service that you have. We believe that advertising is dead and the only way to reach out to your audience is to seek their permission and engage in a dialogue. This means more power to social media, user-centric design and content originality.

At Briefkase, our marketing philosophy is to help start-ups and small businesses build remarkable products, services and content that seeks to be discovered by their audiences.

Team BriefKase

What’s in the name?

A briefcase with a K. Actually, the name stems from two words -Brief (what we get from our clients) andCase (what we would like to build, an example of how digital marketing needs to be done). We’ve put in the ‘K’ because we are a big fan of Ekta Kapoor serials; Not!

What do we do?

We’ve opened shop in December2013 and we do inbound marketing – Social Media Management, Pay per click marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Online PR,UX Design and Digital strategy consulting.

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We have launched two initiatives for start-upsand Meet Up Hours and In Rescidence Consuting.

Meet up Hours is a one-on-one consulting session where we meet the start-up team (at a local coffee shop) and patiently listen to their story. We recommend actionable marketing strategies, no holds barred.

In Rescidence Consuting is where we take it to the next level. A much more involved method of working with a start-up. Every month we have a strategy session with the team and discuss micro strategies that require immediate execution. We also create a roadmap to keep an eye on the bigger picture, goals and vision.

Why we do it?

Digital Marketing is all that we’ve been doing for the past few years. We are ex-digital agency folks who’ve worked with Fortune 500 and top organizations in India.

We want to do digital marketing, better, and this time with start-ups.

How did we evolve?

We’ve just started.  There is a lot to look ahead in terms of growth. We’ve already set our goals for 2014 and are looking forward with intent. Our current focus is start-ups and small businesses, opening shop in either Pune or Bangalore and building a cohesive team.

Social responsibility in social media?

Our first and foremost responsibility would be to educate clients. Working with clients who are informed is a far more enriching experience. Moreover, we refrain from malpractices such as creating fake facebook profiles to boost fan numbers and generate engagement or scheduling tweets from multiple accounts to get a topic trending. (Yes, you’ll be surprised at the number of agencies that have this going!)

We believe in transparency to build trust. If it doesn’t make sense, well, it doesn’t make sense.

Need of the hour

Content creation – Not many businesses are equipped with capabilities of creating remarkable / shareable content. Content that can be easily distributed across multiple screens – mobile, desktop / laptops, tablets and television.

We’ve learned the hard way

Collaborate with people and companies who care more about enriching experiences; theirs, others and yours. It is far more sensible to work with someone who understands that in a consumer driven market, people’s lives do not revolve around any one single brand alone!

Did we just share that?

Please save a memo. We are all pizza hogs but have a huge divide between vegetarians, non-vegetarians, yogurt eaters, alcohol consumers and not. That’s our hiring policy; to keep the balance going. Enough said.

They work with us

Missisippy: A FMCG start-up that has the tastiest in-between meal snacks – cookies, muesli and munchies.

Wegilant: An IIT Bombay incubated IT Security product and consulting services company. An online tax filing service that filed more than 10,000 returns in its first year of operations.

Cut To Cut Productions& Kali Theatre: We are promoting their latest movie Sandcastle (more in pipeline so stay tuned) and co-creating content for Kali Theatre on social media.

Vidyalankar Classes: An educational institute that focuses on engineering courses and entrance exams.

We’re also working with a bunch of other really cool people; Debolin Sen, an adventurer who wants to understand the mind of a traveler through The Adventure Survey. Ctech Labs, PentaArch, e-Pooja Online, couple more.

Industry, as we foresee

2014 will be the year of startups. The startup ecosystem has really come together with accelerators and incubators springing up in Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi & Chennai. VC funds are flowing in. We’ll be seeing more acquisitions post Facebook & Google’s buyout of start-ups in India.

Secondly, a lot of start-ups will spring up that focus on bringing small businesses online.

A day without the internet

A jog in the park, a bicycle ride, workout at the gym or simply catching up with friends and family. There is lot more to life than the internet [We might have to close down our business if there are too many such days]

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are looking for a creative designer. A decent salary plus a pretty kick-ass bonus, if we make our numbers.


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