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Who are we?

Hi! We are KRDS, originally the first agency which received the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Label in Europe and the first agency to obtain it in India as well.

We are a leading Social Media Agency currently evolving towards consulting as well and working on several high decibel global campaigns  for brands. We also focus on mobile expertise and instant messaging apps as well. KRDS has a headcount of over 120 employees around the world and has 8 different offices worldwide; (Paris, Lyon, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Singapore and Shanghai).

What's in the name?

Ha! This is our best kept secret and we only reveal it to employees who have been with us for more than 5 years…

What we do?

We specialize in Social Media Consulting. We advise brands what is the best social media strategy to adopt, but mostly, we help brands to execute their social strategies in the most efficient way there is.

Why we do it?

Simply because we love it!

We are a bunch of people who are very passionate about technology and creativity. And we consider social media as a great playground because it makes us feel closer, younger, and more connected.

We also believe that social media platforms offer us fantastic creative and innovative opportunities that are far beyond what people used to experience through classic/traditional advertising. It is a fascinating field and there is still so much to explore!

How we evolve?

We evolve by constantly hiring new talents who are full of creativity and new ideas. It is mostly thanks to our great employees that we have managed to evolve so fast. We consider our business as the “entrepreneur type” and our employees get lots of responsibilities.

But we also evolve by listening carefully to our clients’ needs and by taking into consideration the results of our campaigns. We have done over 1000 campaigns around the world so far, and this has allowed us to test and learn what could be a successful campaign and what would never become one.

Social responsibility in Social Media

We are currently looking to carry out voluntary work for an Indian NGO. We would like to develop a revolutionary campaign which would have a real impact on Indian society, so if anyone from an NGO is reading this article, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

And we have done a Hackathon in 2011 and 2012 during which we asked students to think about an app that would change the future of India. We hope to get there soon!

Also, on that note, we’d like to add that we are happy to count CRY India as one of our Indian clients.

Need of the hour

We definitely need brands to be more open to social and digital experiments. India is still evolving compared to Europe or China. There is a bit of reluctance among clients here towards ideas that could prove to be big hits! However, we believe that India could be a leader in social media campaigns and not just a follower.

We learned the hard way

When we decided to try our chance in India, things definitely weren't as easy as they are now. KRDS was founded by 4 young graduates, who, at that time, were starting from scratch.

So for quite a while, our first employees in India used to work in a rented house in Chennai, human resources executives were working from the kitchen while directors were actually living on the house’s first floor.

Now, thanks to our perseverance, we have 4 swanky offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.

They work with us

We are lucky to count on some prestigious clients and are very proud to work with them. To name a few: Samsung India, Facebook India, ViaCom 18, Universal Studios, Amplifon India, CRY, Lifecell International and Air France India.

Industry as we foresee

Exciting years are to come ahead for Social Media in India. The phase of evangelism is almost over and brand managers don't need to be convinced anymore to be present on Social Media or not. This maturity combined with the growth of users and usages (each person spends more time on social media each day) will open exciting social media budgets to agencies in the coming years.

These budgets will have to be spent wisely taking into account the diversity of connected devices (desktop, mobiles /tablets and TV today. Watches, glasses and Fridges tomorrow), the diversity of platforms and the growing need of real-time marketing (brands are setting-up more and more newsrooms to react almost instantly to news. Indians are using Instant messaging apps more and more and will now expect brands to answer to them as their friends do)

We can finally expect consolidation in the industry and a lot of social media agencies will be acquired by big groups eager to provide a 360° communication service to their clients.

Fortunately, Social Media and technologies are evolving still really quickly and specialized agency such as KRDS will keep their reactivity and an expertise that only specialists can afford.

A day without Internet

We should give it a try someday and see how our teams react. It would definitely lead to some real life social networking, which can’t be a bad thing!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Hell yes! We plan to grow our business by 500% in India by the end of the year. Many positions will be available in Mumbai and Bangalore.


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