Social Media Agency Feature: Team Pumpkin – A Digital Agency

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Who are we?

It all started in August 2012 with 2 people who were in love with their twitter handles and had a vision for connecting brands to people on internet. Thus, TeamPumpkin  was born and a group of digital media practitioners came along to help brands manage their entire digital universe seamlessly. The first clients who by now are one of the hottest internet companies in America asked the Pumpkins to support them with social media applications and then they sought help in marketing. The clients thereafter came along with various business problems ranging from marketing, sales to seeking help in having a Bollywood career. Firmly believing in giving the human element to brands online, we love spreading awareness and sharing knowledge with all stakeholders of the digital media industry. We have offices in Mumbai and Bangalore and will be soon starting our Delhi operations.

What’s in the name?

At the thought of the word Pumpkin – the first feeling that you get in your mind is happy-ness. It’s a foolish food on the face of it, and can do you no harm. But when you think a little harder, you realize it’s not as simple as it seems. For instance the question – is Pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?  You may win arguments from both sides. Similarly, we are a company that look simple and happy but when you will know us better you will know that our hard work and resources differentiate us from other fruits (or vegetables)

Pumpkins have been known to be consumed in innumerable forms – from soups to cakes to even beer. This signifies the wide gamut of our services and also how simply we can merge into the regular day to day activities of your organization.

Pumpkins are known for innumerable health benefits. Similarly, we can prove to be extremely beneficial for your organization given our simplicity in services. Just like even Pumpkin seeds are very healthy, each of our crew members have been trained and coached to think differently for the benefit of the brand they serve at every step.

And above all, pumpkins are foolish – not necessarily signifying that we are foolish in the literal sense of the word but we acknowledge that there is a lot to be learnt. Our team constantly updates themselves on the latest in world, to give you solutions that are ahead of the curve!

What we do?

We the Pumpkins, work tirelessly for brands we manage on Digital Consultancy, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click Management, Digital PR and Online Support management. We are the “Think Tanks” who build brands using best of tools and human knowledge on digital platforms. We are fanatic about giving a great ROI for every penny spent online.

Why we do it?

Our biggest motivation is to spread knowledge with people we work with. We provide complimentary training to all our clients so that they can think beyond Facebook likes and Twitter retweets. We are happy to bring world class processes and best practices to brands in India and help our clients benchmark with greatest of companies on the planet. We are also happy for all our Pumpkins because they get to share workspace which is open and welcoming with a lot of freedom. Yes, we also work to earn a living by doing what we love the most and that is to be online, almost always.

How we evolve?

The Pumpkins love connecting with real world and real people despite their work being almost online. For our Clients, we visit stores, dissect the roadside billboards, talk to countless people, visit the film sets and eat at the restaurants. We love observing people and places around to learn and bring realism into our campaigns. We love testing latest tools and technology and select the best for our clients and us. We also put method into our madness by building processes for each engagement we have with our clients. In a nutshell, our people are ahead of curve in the field they work.

Social responsibility in social media

In our view, people’s privacy and preferences have to be respected at all times. Often we hear the news of accounts being hacked at all major social networks and we are pained that people who use these networks are at potential loss of their privacy. Social media managers also have the responsibility to respect people’s preferences about how they want to connect with the brand with the amount of information they want to share. It’s always a good practice that permission is sought from people before inducting them into campaigns on social networks and emails.

Need of the hour

Biggest ill of digital industry today is pirated content. From SEO to Social media, brands and agencies have to focus on producing original content including imagery and other media. The copyright law in our country is lax which makes it easy to reproduce content with no attribution but this is the moral duty of agencies to provide brands with original work as the implications of duplicated work can range from business loss to legal ramifications. On the Macro front, government needs to take internet to masses for the benefit it brings in providing information and reach.

We learned the hard way

Taking risks is a part of learning and some risks pay off, some don’t. We have no complaints as most of things which did not succeed gave us an opportunity to do better next time. A recent learning has been to have an office in Powai, Mumbai  which would make things a lot easier for our clients and our people because it’s centrally located than our earlier one whih remotely located in Thane. This learning did come at the cost of a few hundred thousand rupees in relocation and movement. But when our people are happy we just forget our pains and count on all gains.

Did we just share that?

A client asked us to help him with delivering a Cake to his fiancee a day before her birthday and we ended up delivering it personally at the stroke of midnight with flowers in tow. We claimed the favor back by getting our entire team feast on his wedding.

They work with us

Offerpop, MyNestHome, Krish Movies, Tangerine, Pankaj & Nidhi Naira, Jobnet, AddOns, Tipple Point.

Industry as we foresee

With estimated population of 25 crore people this year, India is going to be world’s largest country on the internet. We are already among biggest demography on Facebook and Twitter. It’s no coincidence that digital advertising is growing at the rate of 30% per annum and will cross half a billion dollar mark in India this year.  With this growth there is a tremendous potential for brands to reach out to their consumers and build relationships.

A day without Internet

Well each of us do switch off once a while so it’s not much of a heartache but most affected would be our business head Swati, whose lifeline resides in her email [email protected]

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we look for people who are awesome at coding, content, creative and communicating.