Social Media Campaign Review: Cafe Cuba Launches ‘The Coffee Revolution’ On Social Media

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Cafe Cuba


Cafe Cuba initiated an interesting campaign that depicts the exact ethos of the brand and its positioning. One of its kind with a fresh approach that can keep every user hooked, a website with innovative presentation using MS-DOS and ASCII characters backed by music composed with 8-bits sound.


Cafe Cuba aims to reach its target group with a twist. Main objective is to spread awareness about the product and position the beverage as the rebel of the soft drink category.


The website is the anchor of a 360-degree communication campaign that introduces ‘The Coffee Revolution’ by Cafe Cuba, a product of Parle Agro.

As you open the website, you get a message from Cuba Underground – the first comrades of the Coffee Revolution. It gives you a feeling of an impending revolution being declared by a secret group.

 cafe cuba - comrades

cafe cuba - press enter cafe cuba - website enter page message

Then, an animation created entirely out of ASCII characters starts playing. Users see figures that are illustrated completely out of keyboard characters (! @ # $ % ^ &) come to life and the story of ‘the Coffee Revolution’ is played out.

A bunch of comrades, who call themselves Cuba Underground, were tired of living in a world without choices where they had to dress, eat and drink the way they were made to. So, they decided to break away and create a unique drink. One that wasn’t controlled by the red, white and blue giants. They mixed the roasted coffee beans and the rush of fizz. And, Cafe Cuba was born.

cafe cuba - animation commercial

Animation then leads to TV commercial of Cafe Club. Their YouTube community has around 1922 subscribers.

Once the commercial gets over, users are provided the option to share the links.

cafe cuba - commercial share links

On Facebook, followers are kept engaged with various posts about various rebels of the world.

 cafe cuba - simpsons cafe cuba - fb content cafe cuba - mario cafe cuba - rin tin rusty

Also, the posts include quotes modified in Cafe Cuba style.

cafe cuba - cuba dooba doooo

cafe cuba - quote

On Twitter, an alter ego @TheCubaGuy maintains the ethos of the brand. The engagement level is pretty low in terms of retweets and favorites but the content is very well in-sync with the brand’s ethos.

cafe cuba - tweet

The Cuba Guy selects #ComradeOfTheDay and puts the winner’s Twitter profile and tweet in a newspaper format, attending to Twitterati’s interest.

 cafe cuba - tweet la revolution


  • Every move seems to be well thought and in-sync with the Cuban revolutionary theme. From the feel of the revolution to the Spanish language to the logo of the product, reminds us of Che Guevera.
  • The website is definitely a show stealer with innovation reeking at every step.
  • The posts on Facebook and Twitter are very relevant to their target group.
  • A lot of attention is paid on details when it comes to language and posts which are driven by the target group’s interests in television, movies etc.

Scope for improvement

  • Even though the posts are very relevant to the theme of the brand but sharing consumer feedback and review on Facebook would have been an add-on.
  • Twitter handle is not very high on engagement which can be worked on.
  • Facebook page and Twitter handle could have content related to the website because users who haven’t visited their official website would have no idea of the awesomeness.


All in all the campaign is one of its kind and brings freshness amongst the usual digital campaigns that we come across online.

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