Social Media Campaign Review: How Magician Dynamo Captivated His Indian Fans on Social Media

Right since the time History TV 18 opened shop on Indian Television, the one show that has been responsible for children being glued to the television and not doing their homework was Dynamo’s magic shows. Evidently, the news about his arrival in India spread faster than wildfire and there was a frenzy of exhilaration and anticipation amongst the children who once flocked the seat in front of their television sets.
An all-integrated social media strategy was set with Facebook apps and Twitter contests that would lead you straight to Dynamo’s live performances in India.


The objective was to have all of Dynamo’s ardent followers know that he will be in town and use History TV 18’s Twitter presence to do so. The ‘buzz’ that the internet world talks about was already created when quite a few noticed that he will be in town. Now, the core objective was to ensure that everyone in the Twit-verse knew about this, and that means EVERYONE!


The Social Media strategy was a two-pronged approach where Twitter and Facebook were frontrunners in reaching out to Dynamo’s Social Media admirers. The job was half done as majority of the people who did tweet to History TV 18 was to request them to send Dynamo to India, and this was much before the official announcement in 2013.

Dynamo tweet

Dynamo tweet2

Dynamo tweet3

Post the excitement it was time to start the search for those 10 lucky winners who would be invited to Dynamo’s shows at The ITC grand and History TV 18’s office.

The tweeple on the History TV 18 and Twitter world were asked to Tweet with #DynamoInIndia and simply tell them why they deserved to meet Dynamo.




The man Dynamo himself took to Twitter and reached out to his fans. And received quite a response!

Twitter Dynamo

The contest conducted and the response it received was acknowledged by Twitter when it trended India too.




After completing the contest and successful announcement of the winners you may think the contest ended but it actually was just the start. Dynamo tweeted to all his followers telling them how he felt. And this was reciprocated by the lucky winners tweeting back to him.

An integral part of the execution was the ‘Live tweeting’ at the event. And the response on that too was in large numbers.

Dynamo 0 dynamo01

The Facebook leg of the Social Media strategy for Dynamo’s visit to India had an interactive Facebook app.
Dynamo is famous for his cards with numbers magic trick and this was recreated via an app where you were asked to think of a number, follow a few steps and the app would give out the number in your mind. Kind of like the card trick Dynamo would perform on his volunteers/fans.


A microsite too was created which would essentially read your mind and give you answers to questions you asked dynamo.



The Social media strategy for Dynamo’s visit to India was all-pervasive and had a judicious use of Facebook, Twitter and added in a micro-site too for that extra little something for the fans.
A Twitter strategy well-executed to engage maximum number of fans coupled with a Facebook in lines with Dynamo’s magic tricks showed correct use of Social Media in what Dynamo stood for.

Scope for improvement

HistoryTV could have thought beyond a Twitter contest to generate buzz about the event. Other than that, the scope for improvement was rather narrow as the strategy was well executed. With Live Tweeting and an integrated Facebook app, the execution was complete.


The fans left happy after the event and this was evident from their replies and tweets received by History TV 18. But that wasn’t all. The success of the event and his visit to India sparked off #DynamoBackInIndia, and demands for him to come back already started flowing in.

Dyno End