Social Media Case Study: How Yale Locks Generated Buzz and Grew its Community by 30k

Social Media Case Study Yale

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GlocalEdge Consultants Pvt. Ltd.


Yale is a part of Assa Abloy Group and has established itself as a global leader in home security solutions. Its portfolio of digital security products include: Yale digital door locks, digital safes and digital door viewers.


Yale valued India as a big market and wanted to promote its brand building activities for its Indian customers . There was an immense opportunity waiting to be exploited. The objective of Yale was to promote its digital locks product category in India. They partnered with GlocalEdge Consultants Pvt. Ltd., which is a global digital marketing agency.

yale...go smart...go digital


For GlocalEdge, the main task was to reach out to as many as potential consumers through social media sites and engage them with creative strategies directed towards promoting Yale digital locks. Of course Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social media sites and executing campaigns on them was the right way to do things.

They came up with an idea to develop an app to promote a contest named “Win a Yale Lock” with the caption – Go Smart Go Digital. This app requires users to watch a short video and then answer few simple questions based on that video. Lucky users would be able to win a Yale digital lock.


This app intended to achieve following things:-

  1. Engage visitors by asking them to play in the contest by watching a short video and answering few basic questions which is very easy for anyone
  2. Letting visitors know about the various features of a Yale digital lock and its various uses
  3. Informing visitors about different categories of the product and how that product is very different from any other products available in the market
  4. And a real chance to win a Yale digital lock which is costly in market and only used by the affluent classes.

yale digital lock yale digital door lock

The campaign was heavily promoted on Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites. People started joining in and soon it went viral.

Here is the screenshot of the contest page. The theme was simple – watch a short video, answer 3 questions and if you’re lucky you would win a Yale Digital Lock.

yale digital door lock video

Twitter home page photo promoting about the contest.

Yale Twitter page Yale twitter page tweets

The contest gained much public attention and people started following it on twitter.

yale fb likes post


yale post yale...go smart...go digital

Yale digital page received over 30000 likes on Facebook in a very short of time.

Both Facebook and twitter pages were well managed and regularly updated with value adding posts and tweets. The intention was to grab attention by informing about emerging home security products and technologies through social media platform and help visitors understand what are the product features and capabilities, eventually boosting the sales figures.

yale digital tweet

yale digital tweet 2


The campaign was a success and was able to achieve its intended target.The social media monitoring and management was done on a real time basis.

Facebook 30000+ likes, 2200+ contestants


The “Go Smart…Go Digital…” contest was meticulously planned and well managed to engage visitors enthusiastically. This campaign generated unprecedented response and quickly went viral.

This campaign has been able to meet all its objectives of creating buzz, engaging with users, delicately mapping user’s security requirements with the portfolio of products.