Sanjay Mehta Explains Why Social Media Monitoring is of Utmost Importance

What is Social Media Analytics?

Whether you are a start-up or a multi-national brand, you are a B2B? Or a B2C company? Social Media monitoring is critical for all! Although each of these have different metrices, monitoring is crucial. In this Video, Social Wavelength CEO, Sanjay Mehta explains why Social Media Monitoring is of utmost importance?

Sanjay is of the opinion that Monitoring is more important than marketing. It helps you to double-check whether your marketing message has reached your intended audience. Has it been is understood by them? Does your message stimulate the desired action? What went wrong? What worked for the brand? – All your questions will be answered soon!

Monitoring can help you examine what people are talking about your brand. It will give you a clear view to fill the gap between how you wanted to be perceived and how people perceive you. This information will give you pointers on shifting your overall marketing communication strategy.

With these insights, you can sit down with your team to plan product development, distribution channel, customer service, allocation of resources, etc. Monitoring will not only measure the effectiveness of your current campaigns but also help you determine your future strategy.

Which monitoring tools do you use? Let us know in the comments below!