Can Social Media Help the Kundu Family Conserve Sunderban Tigers?

Can social media Help kundu family

Tata Capital’s Do Right initiative is a pan-India initiative encouraging people to build a better future both by inspiring them to ‘do right’ and by providing them the platforms to ‘do right’. As partners with Tata Capital’s Do Right initiative, we are supporting the #HalfStories phase of the campaign.

In our previous story, we fulfilled the #HalfStory at Shantiniketan by helping Baul singers spread their music to tribal kids.

Our Do Righter has moved on further and has reached the Sunderbans where conservation projects around the Royal Bengal Tiger is on high priority.

Spreading Awareness About Tiger Conservation

The Kundu couple – Joydeep & Suchandra – have devoted many years of their lives to tiger conservation. Addressing serious issues such as the man-animal conflict in the region, poaching and logging, and depletion of the mangroves; the couple have sensitized people living around the Sunderbans on how to conserve the habitat of this endangered animal.

By educating students & elders across the region through meetings held on their boat, the couple has a managed to spread their voice to a huge number of people in the society; and they have been helped immensely by their team of volunteers as well.

Their dedication towards the Bengal Tigers & their perseverance is what drives them today and they want to spread their message to the entire Sunderban region in the days to come.

Watch Their Half Story

Fulfill Their Half Story

In order to reach out to more people & sensitize them about tiger conservation, the Kundu couple & their team of volunteers are required to reach far off villages & islands. Once they get off the boat, they have to walk for at least 15 kms before they reach their destination. To make it easier for them to spread their message, Tata Capital has pledged to raise Rs. 16,000 to equip their volunteers with 4 bicycles.

The volunteers will be using these bicycles to meet more people & mobilize them to join hands for tiger conservation.

Lend a Helping Hand

Contribute: Contribute any amount you feel like to give the Kundu couple 4 bicycles for their volunteers. We are looking to raise a total of Rs 16,000 and you are most welcome to contribute your share by clicking here.

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Both Joydeep & Suchandra have persevered a lot, have made personal sacrifices, and have spent countless hours to help the Bengal Tigers of Sunderban co-exist peacefully with humans in the surrounding areas. Looking at the decreasing number of tigers in India, their efforts requires all our support. So let’s come together and help make Sunderbans a safe haven for the pride of our nation.