This Twitter User is On the Moon After Van Heusen Delighted her by Roping in Deepika Padukone in Twitter Conversation

van heusen customer delight

While more and more brands have started interacting with consumers on social media, not many have been able to delight their users. Here is a story that developed with just one statement or rather a tweet, from a random person. The script wove itself beautifully, as and when it inched ahead, and the end result has proved to be a hit.

A harmless and innocent tweet of a twitter user claiming her dad to be the best in the world was picked up by Van Heusen and what followed thereafter can be termed as an ‘epic conversation.’ Meg aka @cityslicker_me tweeted about how her dad hinted her to try out the latest Van Heusen Deepika Padukone Limited Edition dress. And she tweets a screenshot of the conversation with her dad.


Her conversations with the followers initiated and seeing this, the brand itself, Van Heusen responded with an assurance that she would look gorgeous in the dress.

89meggVan Heusen asked her to try out the dress and send them a pic.

megsShe was quick to confirm the same with a condition that the brand ambassador Deepika Padukone notices it.

meggsOut of nowhere, the actresses’ fan club jumps into the scene and eggs her to try the dress.


megss2 megss3 image009The girl sends out her selfie in the dress. Van Heusen appreciates the gesture and promises to show it to Deepika.

megsiThe unexpected happens and Deepika herself replies to her in Van Heusen Limited Edition dress.

megy1No doubt, the customer (read Meg) was delighted and enthralled.


The above story might seem like more of a fairy tale with a social media backdrop, but that’s how it is. It is a perfect example of how a brand went an extra mile to delight the customer. No particular social media strategy, no analysis, no market study, no surveys. Just a pure case of delving into the psyche of a prospective consumer based on spontaneity.

They reached more than 180k unique users in just less than 20 minutes and the re-tweets are just piling on at a great pace.

We might not term this as a campaign for sure. But what is to be seen is the exclusive timing the brand capitalized upon, setting a perfect example in a digital world where it does not take long for the brand management and customer experience to go haywire.